Tianshan Volcanic Group

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Tianshan Volcanic Group
Tianshan Volcanic Group is located in China
Tianshan Volcanic Group
Tianshan Volcanic Group
Highest point
Coordinates 42°30′0″N 82°30′0″E / 42.50000°N 82.50000°E / 42.50000; 82.50000Coordinates: 42°30′0″N 82°30′0″E / 42.50000°N 82.50000°E / 42.50000; 82.50000
Location China
Parent range Tian Shan
Mountain type Volcanic field
Last eruption 650 CE ± 50 years

The Tianshan Volcanic Group is a volcanic field in the Tianshan Mountains in Northwest China. The historically active Cone of Pechan is within the group (also known as Peishan, Baishan, Hochan, Aghie, Bichbalick, Khala, and Boschan). The volcano is 440 km southwest of Urmqui, Xinjiang.


Two eruptions are known from Tianshan, in 50 AD (± 50 years)and 650 AD (± 50 years). The book, Aspects of Nature in Different Lands and Different Climates, Volume 1, reports that Pechan cone sent out streams of lava in the seventh century. The Chinese General, Teu-Hian (who was fleeing from the Chinese army) said that when climbing the Tianshan Mountains, saw "The Fire Mountains which send out masses of molten rock which flow for many Li"