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Tiantongyuan West, section 3
Tiantongyuan with elevated station of Subway Line 5 visible to the left
BHG Mall at Tiantongyuan

Tiantongyuan (Chinese: 天通苑; pinyin: tiān tōng yuàn) is an apartment complex and neighborhood in northern Beijing's Changping District. As of April 2008 it was reported to have over 400,000 residents,[1] and is one of the largest such complexes in Beijing and the biggest community in the world.[2]Most residents in Tiantongyuan work in downtown Beijing, making Tiantongyuan one of the commuter towns in Beijing. Tiantongyuan North Station is the northern terminus of the Beijing Subway Line 5.[3] There are two other Line 5 stops in Tiantongyuan as well, Tiantongyuan Station and Tiantongyuan South Station. Many Beijing public buses serve the community with two large bus hubs being at the Tiantongyuan North subway station and Tiantongyuan North neighborhood.

Tiantongyuan is divided into Tiantongyuan West (天通西苑), Tiantongyuan East (天通东苑), Tiantongyuan North (天通北苑), Central Tiantongyuan (天通中苑), and Old Tiantongyuan (本区 or 老区); each such neighborhood is further subdivided into sections 1, 2, and 3 (except for Central Tiantongyuan, which is divided into North, South, East, and West and east north).

Both subway Line 5 and T3 express bus pass the community.


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