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Tianxiang UAVs are Chinese UAVs developed by Beijing Tianxiang (meaning Sky Soars) Aerospace Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (Tianxiang, 北京天翔航宇科技有限公司). Tianxiang products covers a wide range of unmanned aircraft, including paragliders, helicopters, fixed wing airplanes and blimps.[1]


TX-20 UAV is an octocopter with a pair of skids as landing gear. Most components of TX-20 are imported from Germany.[2] Specification:[3]

  • Size when deployed: 1.9 m × 1.9 m × 0.56 m
  • Size when folded: 0.24 m × 0.24 m × 0.8 m
  • Payload: 20–25 kg
  • Endurance: 20–48 min
  • Max wind scale allowed for operation: up to 5

TX Blimp[edit]

Tianxiang has developed a series of unmanned blimps of various sizes, with designation ranging from TX-7 to TX-20, intended for various civilian and military applications. Most models share the same gondola to simply logistics and reduce cost. Specification:[4]

  • Max length: up to 36 m
  • Max width: up to 13 m
  • Max diameter: up to 12 m
  • Typical volume: 3300 m3
  • Gondola length: 4.2 m
  • Gondola width: 1.5 m
  • Gondola height: 2 m


TX-300 is an UAV developed by Tianxiang mainly for aerial survey / photography / cinematography missions.[5]

TX-2000 Clairvoyance[edit]

TX-2000 Clairvoyance (Qian-Li-Yan or Qianliyan, 千里眼) is an UAV in flying wing layout, with twin tails. Propulsion is provided by a two-blade propeller driven by a tractor engine mounted in the nose. Specification:[6]

  • Length: 2.45 m
  • Wingspan: 3 m
  • Empty weight: 21 kg
  • Ceiling: 3 km
  • Cruise speed: 100–150 km/h
  • Stall speed: 60 km/h
  • Rate of climb: 6 m/s
  • Endurance: > 2 h
  • Fuel: 5 l
  • Payload: 6 kg
  • Remote control distance: 30 km
  • Take-off & landing: taxiing
  • Take-off & landing distance: 20–30 m


TX-3000 is a high altitude, long endurance unmanned blimp and has been deployed by Chinese military and law enforcement agencies in various missions such as disaster relief and communication relay.[7] Specification:[8]

  • Ceiling: 3 km
  • Payload: 40 kg
  • Endurance: 80 h


TX-10000 is an unmanned powered paraglider (San-Yi Wu-Ren-Ji, 伞翼无人机).[9] Various types of parachute can be utilized, and externally, TX-10000 somewhat resembles a smaller version of MMIST CQ-10 Snowgoose. TX-10000 is powered by a twin-cylinder 65 hp engine.[10] Specification:[11]

  • Length: 2.95 m
  • Width: 1.85 m
  • Height: 2.12 m
  • Empty weight: kg
  • Normal payload: 100 kg
  • Max payload: 150 kg
  • Typical wingspan: 12 m
  • Typical wing area: 46 m2
  • Fuel: 38 l
  • Max speed: 50 km/h
  • Endurance: 2.5 h
  • Ceiling: 4 km
  • Remote control radius: 10 km
  • Take-off and landing: taxiing
  • Take-off distance: 7.6–104 m (depending on wind speed)
  • Landing distance: 3–30 m


TX-20000 UAV is another unmanned powered paraglider developed by Tianxiang.[12] TX-20000 is the larger cousin of the smaller TX-10000, and it can either be deployed either as a powered version like TX-10000, or as an unpowered version. TX-20000 is the Chinese equivalent of MMIST CQ-10 Snowgoose and performs similar tasks. Specification:[13]

  • Payload: 300 kg
  • Ceiling: 20 km
  • Endurance: 1 h
  • Operating temperature: -80 to 120 °C
  • Max wind speed allowed for operation: 6 m/s
  • Rate of descend when deployed in unpowered manner: 2–2.5 m/s


TX multirotor UAV is an unmanned helicopter with a total of sixteen rotors which are arranged in a very unusual way that is different than most multirotors currently in serive. The layout of TX Multirotor is a large cross, and each arm of the large cross is a smaller cross. There are four rotors installed on each arm of the large cross, with two rotors on the tips of the shorter arm of the small cross. The remaining two rotors is mounted on longer arm of the smaller cross, with one on each side of the shorter arm, one of them halfway between the shorter arm and the tip of the longer arm, and the other halfway between the shorter arm and the base of the longer arm that is attached to the center of the multirotor.[14]

TX unmanned paraglider[edit]

TX unmanned glider is an unpowered unmanned paraglider intended for emergency communication relay in situations such as post disaster relief. Specification:[15]

  • Ceiling: 20 km
  • Payload: 200 kg
  • Endurance: 1.2 h

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