Tianyang County

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Tianyang County
田阳县 · Denzyangz Yen
Tianyang is located in Guangxi
Location of the seat in Guangxi
Coordinates: 23°44′09″N 106°54′55″E / 23.7357°N 106.9154°E / 23.7357; 106.9154Coordinates: 23°44′09″N 106°54′55″E / 23.7357°N 106.9154°E / 23.7357; 106.9154
Country People's Republic of China
Region Guangxi
Prefecture-level city Baise
Township-level divisions 7 towns
3 townships
County seat Tianzhou (田州镇)
 • Total 2,394 km2 (924 sq mi)
Elevation 115 m (377 ft)
Population (2010)
 • Total 338,300
 • Density 140/km2 (370/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+8 (China Standard)
Website xq.bsyjrb.com/ty/

Tianyang County (simplified Chinese: 田阳县; traditional Chinese: 田陽縣; pinyin: Tiányáng Xiàn, Standard Zhuang: Denzyangz Yen; Youjiang Zhuang: Hen Denzyangz) is a county in western Guangxi, China. It is under the administration of the prefecture-level city of Baise.


Tianyang County was formed in 1935 by combining Fengyi County (奉议县) and Enyang County (恩阳县) with the county seat in Napo (那坡镇) and in 1954 the county seat was moved to Tianzhou (田州镇).[1] In 1935 the population was 135,071.[2]

Administrative divisions[edit]

From June 21st 2005, there are 7 towns and 3 townships in the county:[3]




Tianyang's population was 338,300 in 2010. 90.2% of the people belong to the Zhuang ethnic group,[4] and speak Youjiang Zhuang (Gangjdoj). The rest include Han, Yao, Miao,and other ethnic groups.[5]

Culture and Arts[edit]

In Tianyang there are many tradiditional types of singing not just folk songs, but also Cantonese opera, Colourful Opera (彩调), Zhuang opera, and "Tang Emperor" (唐皇) style.[6]


Apart from road access including the G80 Guangzhou–Kunming Expressway, the county also has rail access via Tianyang Railway Station which is part of the Nanning–Kunming high-speed railway network and air access via Baise Bama Airport.


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