Bairi Tibetan Autonomous County

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Bairi (Tianzhu) Tibetan Autonomous County (Tibetan: དཔའ་རིས་བོད་རིགས་རང་སྐྱོང་རྫོང༌།Wylie: dpa'a-ris bod-rigs rang-skyong rdzong/, ZYPY: Bairi Poirig Ranggyong Zong; Chinese: 天祝藏族自治县; pinyin: Tiānzhù Zàngzú Zìzhìxiàn) is in the prefecture-level city of Wuwei in the Chinese province of Gansu. It has an area of 7,147km² and approximately 230,000 inhabitants (2003). Its administrative seat is the town of Huazangsi.


The Chinese name "Tianzhu" was named by a Tibetan Luo Haoxue in 1936, combining name of the largest lamasery in the County (天堂寺) and the Zhugong lamasery (祝贡寺).[1]

The Tibetan name Bairi (དཔའ་རིས།) is pronounced Bairi in Standard Tibetan, and pronounced Hwari in the local Amdo Tibetan.

Some Tibetan diaspora use the name Tenzhu (ཐེན་ཀྲུའུ།), which is a transcription of the Chinese name Tianzhu.


Ethnic groups in Tianzhu, 2000 census[edit]

Nationality Population Percentage
Han 139,190 62.88%
Tibetan 66,125 29.87%
Tu 12,633 5.71%
Hui 1,986 0.9%
Mongol 961 0.43%
Manchu 213 0.1%
Dongxiang 90 0.04%
Uyghur 40 0.02%
Miao 23 0.01%
Others 86 0.04%


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Coordinates: 37°08′39.73″N 102°46′38.50″E / 37.1443694°N 102.7773611°E / 37.1443694; 102.7773611