Tiberius Julius Pollienus Auspex

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Tiberius Julius Pollienus Auspex (fl. 3rd century AD) was a Roman senator who was appointed suffect consul between AD 212 and 222.


Julius Pollienus Auspex, a member of the possibly Italian gens Polliena, was probably the son of Pollienus Auspex, although some scholars have maintained that both men are the same individual.[1] In between AD 212 and 222, Auspex was appointed the Legatus Augusti pro praetore of the province of Numidia. He was also during this period appointed suffect consul in absentia.[2]

Julius Pollienus Auspex may have been the adoptive father of Tiberius Pollenius Armenius Peregrinus, consul in AD 244.


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Political offices
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Consul suffectus in absentia of the Roman Empire
between AD 212 and 222
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