Tibesti Hotel

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Tibesti Hotel
Tibesti Hotel in Benghazi.jpg
Exterior of hotel (unknown date)
General information
LocationBenghazi, Libya
Coordinates32°6′41.48″N 20°4′9.78″E / 32.1115222°N 20.0693833°E / 32.1115222; 20.0693833
Technical details
Floor count15
Other information
Number of rooms242

The Tibesti Hotel is a hotel situated overlooking the harbour of the 23rd July Lake in the city centre of Benghazi, Libya.[1]


At fifteen stories tall, it is a particularly prominent building[2] with 242 rooms.

2011 bomb attack[edit]

On 1 June 2011, the hotel came to international attention during the Libyan Civil War when explosives were detonated in a car nearby. A spokesman for the National Transitional Council called the bombing a "cowardly act".[3] It was suspected that an officer was killed, and many people started to shout chants against Muammar Gaddafi while the hotel was being cordoned off.[3]

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Coordinates: 32°6′41.48″N 20°4′9.78″E / 32.1115222°N 20.0693833°E / 32.1115222; 20.0693833