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Municipality of Tibiao
Map of Antique with Tibiao highlighted
Map of Antique with Tibiao highlighted
Tibiao is located in Philippines
Location within the Philippines
Coordinates: 11°17′29″N 122°02′07″E / 11.29152°N 122.03541°E / 11.29152; 122.03541Coordinates: 11°17′29″N 122°02′07″E / 11.29152°N 122.03541°E / 11.29152; 122.03541
Country Philippines
RegionWestern Visayas (Region VI)
DistrictLone district
Named for(if person or place)-->
Barangays21 (see Barangays)
 • TypeSangguniang Bayan
 • MayorGil B. Bandoja
 • Vice MayorJimmy D. Barrientos
 • CongressmanLoren Legarda
 • Electorate17,425 voters (2019)
 • Total177.42 km2 (68.50 sq mi)
 (2015 census)[3]
 • Total26,748
 • Density150/km2 (390/sq mi)
 • Income class4th municipal income class
 • Poverty incidence20.92% (2015)[4]
 • Revenue (₱)85,605,152.49 (2016)
Time zoneUTC+8 (PST)
ZIP code
IDD:area code+63 (0)36
Climate typetropical climate
Native languagesKinaray-a language

Tibiao, officially the Municipality of Tibiao, (Kinaray-a: Banwa kang Tibiao; Hiligaynon: Banwa sang Tibiao; Tagalog: Bayan ng Tibiao), is a 4th class municipality in the province of Antique, Philippines. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 26,748 people.[3]


During Spanish times, Spanish Soldiers happened to see a group of natives picking up snails (locally called kuol) in hatay hatay, a watery and miry land. They asked the natives the name of the place pointing to the vast expanse of land covered with tall Reed grasses called tigbaw. The natives thinking that the Spaniards were asking for the name of the grass quickly answered Tigbaw. Since then the place was called Tigbaw. The word eventually evolved into Tibiao. Allegedly, the Spaniards had difficulty pronouncing the word Tigbaw.

The old settlement was in present-day Balanti-an. The Natives had to relocate to the said place since it is quite secluded and distant from the shore. It is secure from piratical raids common during those days. The place is near the edge of the present day Tibiao River (sa Tibí Kang subâ). Sojourners to the place would comment: Tibi haw? It is a question asking why they locate themselves at the edge of the river. The term tibí haw eventually evolved into Tibiao. Since then the Place was called Tibiao


Tibiao was part of Nalupa from 1596–1840. Nalupa with its central government in present-day Jinalinan controlled the area of what is now Tibiao, Barbaza and Laua-an. In early 1730, Nalupa gradually depopulated due to the Moro pirate attacks. By 1733, Culasi had a direct control of Nalupa and Pandan. In 1796, Nalupa ceded from Culasi. As an arrabal, notable village chieftains were Paris, Oguid Pagsuguiron and Nicolas Amar (1818).

in 1786, Oguid Datu Oguid landed in the shores of Calawgan Creek. he brought with him his family and settlers from unspecified place in borneo presumably from a place where Kinaray-a is the lingua franca.

In August 6, 1786, Oguid and followers settled in what is now Kamyabsan or a place where guavas. Kamyabsan is now part of Sawang Sitio in Malabor. the site was near the shore and accessible to pirate raids. they later transferred to Balanti-an to coexist with the natives. when Datu Oguid Arrive in Balanti-an he was confronted by the "Tumandoks" and they cannot understand each other. the fact they cannot understand each other Datu Oguid Offered a foods for them and which we call Panguyang or Padu-um to become friends. After such abundant blessing shared for each other they made some enjoyment dancing the zarzuela and singing the composo and Sugidanon.

In 1815. Oguid sent a delegation to Nalupa to petition the Governor of Antique, Rafael Andres Gomez, to make Tibiao a new town separate to Nalupa. the petition was granted.

In January 1, 1818, Tibiao become a new town separate from Nalupa with Don Nicolas Amar as teniente Municipal. the Governor of Amtique that time was Juan Ormido. the Teniente Municipal of Nalupa was a certain Vislilla. Tibiao remained as a vista of Nalupa. Tibiao does not have church or a priest attend to the spiritual needs of the People.

In 1826, Oguid never became the teniente Municipal of Tibiao but he was the one who orchestrated the affairs of the town. on May two 1926 he called for a meeting. agreed in the meeting was to hold a fiesta in thanksgiving and to build a church in their settlement. the church is 20x10x4 yards in dimension with thatched palm leaf roofing and of walls of wooden slabs. the teniente municipal of Tibiao at that time was Juan Mariano

In November 1 1826, Oguid and Governor Martinez plant a cross in the mountain east of the settlement the mountain presently called mount cruz to commemorate the event. the next day a thanksgiving mass was held. scores were baptized and many couples were married. festivities followed.

In November 6 1828, oguid choose five men to survey proposed new town site. the site selected was between Calaugan creek and palaypay creek. it was juan Amar Sarcino who drafted the town Plan. the development of the site immediately began. a church and a convent was constructed, wooden bridges built to span the calaugan and palaypay creeks, road laids, drainage canals was builts and cemetery buolt. the teniente Municipal at that time was Mariano Delos santos. the Governor of Antique was Francisco Oreta. Datu Oguid proved that one can render public service ever if one is not a government official.

In 1849, when the parish of tibiao was established by the Augustinian missionaries.

In 1851 Fr. Eulogio "oloy" Cardones, a Filipino priest, was assigned as the parish priest of Tibiao. Fr. Cardones was the coadjutor bishop of the parish of Manduariao, Iloilo before his assignment to Tibiao. The Arrival of Fr. Cardones was greeted with a fiesta Celebration and a Panguyang. Tibiao is now an Independent Church,

In 1898, Pedro Bandoja (changed his name to Bandong) was the local revolutionary leader of the town.

In 1930, Nicolas Amarillo was re-elected Municipal President of Tibiao. He became a member of the National Association for Independence in Manila, which was formerly called "Bag-ong Katipunan" while in Manila, he was able to ask thru Rep. Segundo Moscoso aid of 10,000php for the construction of a Gabaldon type fourteen room building of the Tibiao Central School and Anastacia Gindap Espanola donated the Present Site of the Tibiao Central School, except the frontage.

In 1935, Before the end of Nicolas Amarillo Second Term, Amarillo asked the new governor of that time also from Tibiao, Governor Alejandro Lim to help him negotiate the Bishop of Jaro to donate a church property, for the Municipal Building.

In 1935, Alejandro Tario Lim was elected as Governor of the province, and known as Justice of the Peace of Tibiao, a lawyer by profession. After his term, he served as Labor Administrator of Department of Labor and Senior Legislator in Malacañang Palace. During his time as governor, he constructed Municipal Plaza and the Municipal Building.

On April 19, 1942. Japanese burned The Church, Municipal building and the bridge.

On September 3, 1942, Lt. Absalon appointed Martin Juanillo as Mayor of Tibiao.

On November 13, 1942, Jose Mendoza Sr. Was Appointed Mayor of Tibiao by Pio Dioso.

On June 16, 1943 Penetration of Tibiao by the Japanese patrol.

On December 11, 1944 Heriberto Bandoja was appointed as municipal mayor of Tibiao by Calixto Zaldivar.

In 1948, Diodata Tario Lim Bandoja was elected as municipal mayor of Tibiao, sister of the former governor of the province, Gov. Alejandro T. Lim Sr, Tating is only elementary graduate. All her siblings were UP College Graduates. She was made to stop her education to take care of her parents. But she knew the Importance of Education she Donated 8 hectares land and 40,000php for school building. It was named Tario - Lim Memorial High school now University of Antique Tario Lim Memorial Campus in honor of her parents, Vicente "Quin" Sanches Lim and Maria Amar Tario.

In 1950, nineteen huks were sighted on Dalanas. soldiers of the Philippines Ground Force were detailed to Tibiao to fight the huks. The Municipal Mayor Diodata Tario Lim Bandoja appointed four members of the local police named Manuel Bankaya, Conrado Antonio, Alejandro Amar and Samson Amar. And they caught the Eighteen Huks and The Commander of Huks in Antique named Alyas 120.

In 1953, Tibiao Bakery opened with a humble Start. It was put up by Mr. Manuel B. Lim Sr. son of Mrs. Diodata Tario Lim Bandoja. And Mrs. Anita Javison Mandolado Lim of Bugasong Antique. It had a brick oven and used firewood as fuel. It had its usual ups and downs but the Lim Family persevered. Innovations and modern methods were introduced to make it competitive. Today, Tibiao Bakery Inc. has grown to be the iconic symbol of Tibiao. It has branches and outlets throughout Panay Island.

In 1956, Federico Ruiz Elected as Municipal Mayor of Tibiao. He donated six hectares land of their cane land. Through the help of Tobias Fornier and Diodata Lim Bandoja they established the Tario - Lim Memorial Antique School of Fisheries.

In 1960, Remegio Vista represented the Country In Mexico Summer Olympics. His burst of speed was noticed he was dubbed as "The Fastest Man" in the first 50 meters of the sprint races.

In 1976, Mylene Miciano Crowned as Lin-ay Kang Antique from Tibiao.

In 1981, Manuel M. Lim Jr. Elected as the youngest mayor of the Town at the age of 26. Grandson of Former Mayor Diodata Tario Lim Bandoja. During his time he was the doctor of the town. Through the help of Philippine army, Mayor Nonie killed three commanders and the members of New Peoples' Army in the mountains of Tibiao

In 1982, Mary Jane Jereza was crowned as Lin-ay Kang Antique From Tibiao

On June 24, 1982, Diodata Tario Lim Bandoja had touched the lives of the Tibiaohanons. When she died on that day, People from all walks of life paid their last respects by attending the longest funeral in the history of the province.

In 1992, Manuel B. Lim Sr. inaugurated the new municipal building constructed during the incumbency of Manuel M. Lim Jr.

In 1991, Tibiao celebrated the First PANGUYANG FESTIVAL, the official Festival of the Municipality. PANGUYANG means a festive offering for a plenteous harvest, a thanks giving or a harvest festival

"Ang tagsa ka tawo magadala sang Isa ka dulot suno sa iya masarangan, suno sa mga kaayohan nga ginhatag sang ginoo nga iya Dios" ( Deuteronomy 16:17 ).

In 1997, the First Philippine International Whitewater Kayaking Cup ( Participated by 11 countries ) held in Tibiao River. Brgy. Tuno and Brgy. Tigbaboy Tibiao Antique

In 1997, Carol Josette Cardos crowned as Lin-ay Kang Antique From Tibiao.

In 1999, Quennie Bandoja was crowned as Lin-ay Kang Antique From Tibiao.

In 2003, Krishna Constantino was crowned as Lin-ay Kang Antique From Tibiao.

In 2011, Mary Kris Gualberto was crowned as Lin-ay Kang Antique from Tibiao.

In 2012, Opening of Tibiao Eco Adventure Park "TEA PARK" during the incumbency of Walden M. Lim.

In December 2012, Gracechele Mae Managuit crowned as Lin-ay Kang Antique from Tibiao.

In 2012, Tibiao dubbed as Tourism Capital of Antique

Notable Tibiaohanons[edit]

Datu Oguid Pagsugiron Amar - founder of the Town of Tibiao Antique. Born in Dessert Country Judah

Diodata Lim Bandoja - First Elected Municipal Mayor, a Philanthropist who Donated the Tario - Lim Memorial High school now University of Antique, Tario - Lim Memorial Campus, honored to her parents Maria Tario and Vicente Lim. Main Building costing more or less 40,000php and more than a Half of the Eight hectars site. She Improved the Public plaza by constructing the band - stand and a circular dancing pavilion with bench around. She also Constructed a Municipal Building at the Present Site

Heriberto Bandoja- First Three termer Municipal Mayor of Tibiao Antique. Son of Felimon Bandoja Former Capitan Municipal of the town and Anastacia L. Bandoja

Fr. Eulogio Cardones- a Filipino priest was assigned as the parish priest of Tibiao. And also the first Filipino Priest of the newly established Church in Tibiao against Spaniards now IFI Tibiao.

Rosie Dimamay - former Sanguniang Panlalawigan Member and Former Vice Governor of the province of Antique between 2010 - 2013

Anastacia Gindap Española - a Philanthropist who donated The present site of the Iglesia Filipina Independiente Cemetery and the present site of the Tibiao Central School

Alfredo Siojo Lim - Former Senator and Former Mayor of City of Manila. He is the Son of Quintin Lim Sr.

Alejandro Tario Lim- a Filipino Politician, Brother of Former Mayor of Tibiao Mrs. Diodata Lim Bandoja, Former justice of the Peace of Tibiao and Culasi, a member of the Provincial Board prior to his election as Governor in 1934. He held the office up to 1938 which he served as labor administrator of the Department of Labor, Law Professor and a senior Legislature officer at Malacanang Palace.

Manuel Bandoja Lim Sr- The Only Son of a lady Mayor Diodata Lim Bandoja. Founder of popular trademark of bread in Western Visayas, Tibiao Bakery, a Philanthropist and Former Mayor of the Town Year 1992 - 2001

Ceazar Lim Rodriguez- First Tibiaohanon Elected as Sanguniang panlalawigan member

Roberto Rodriguez- Former Mayor of Taytay Palawan between 2001 - 2010 and Eldest son of Former Sp Member Ceazar Lim Rodriguez

Federico Dioso Ruiz Sr - a Filipino Politician and Philanthropist. Before the last global war, he was elected number one councilor. In 1956 he launched his Candidacy as Municipal Mayor of Tibiao. When he Won he donate a six Hectares cane land for the Tario - Lim Memorial Antique School of Fisheries now.

Remegio Vicente Vista- a Filipino Sprinter Representative his own country, Gold Medalist in Jakarta and the Tokyo Asian Games and Mexico Summer Olympics. He dubbed as The fastest man in Asia during his Time. Born in a depressed mountain Barangay of Salazar, Tibiao, Antique.

Local Government[edit]

Gil B. Bandoja - Municipal Mayor

Jimmy D. Barrientos - Municipal Vice Mayor

Sanguniang Bayan Members

• Andres Modesto

• Lucas Bandoja

• Walden Lim

• Amador Cumla

• Antonieta Kho yute

• Pelver Medina

• Fe Alvarez

• Fred Eraga

List of Elected Municipal Mayors of Tibiao[edit]

Portrait Municipal Mayor ~Took Office~ ~Left Office~

Municipal Vice Mayor[edit]

Notes and their Accomplishments
1 Mrs. Diodata Lim Bandoja 1948 1955 Innocentes Garcia (48-51)

Francisco Baguioro (51-55)

"Tating" called her by Tibiaohanons. was born on May 15, 1901 in Sta Justa Tibiao, Antique. the 1st child of four children born to the spouses Vicente "Quin" Lim and Maria Amar Tario. After world war ii she launched her candidacy as Municipal Mayor. when she won she donated an institution of Learning 40,000php for 1 concreted building and 8 hectars Site for her constituents. and named it Tario-Lim Memorial high School now University of Antique Tario-Lim Memorial Campus and Tario-Lim Memorial National Highschool. during her incumbency as Municipal Mayor she also Constructed Municipal Building, Band-stand and a circular dancing pavilion. also during her term, Conrado Antonio, Alejandro Amar and Manuel Bankaya Caught Berdugo "Alas 120" and nineteen HUKS in the Mountains of Tibiao
2 Mr. Federico Dioso Ruiz Sr 1956 1959 Another Tibiaohanon who rose to the occasion. Mr. Federico D. Ruiz Sr. Tobias Fornier, then congressman of the lone district of Antique filed a bill which was enacted into a law for the putting up of vocational fishery school in the Province. a lot was needed to put up in Tibiao. Mr Ruiz Sr. donated a six hectares Lot for the school to be put up in Tibiao. at that time Mr. Ruiz Sr. was running for mayor of the town. his opponent Mr. Isidoro Amar Sr. was a sure bet. the latter upon learning of Mr. Ruiz Donation, withdrew his candidacy in order for Mr. Ruiz Sr. to run unopposed.
3 Mr. Isidoro Amar Sr. 1960 1963 Isidoro Amar known as Dordoy a former famous Wrestler in the Town during Mr. Amar s" Term He Constructed Municipal Public Stand in Municipal Plaza.
4 Mr. Jose Espanola Mendoza Sr. 1964 1967
5 Mr. Eusebio Lacson 1968 1970
6 Mr. Heriberto Lim Bandoja 1971 1980
7 Dr. Manuel Mandolado Lim Jr. 1981 1986 Mrs. Sotera I. Tamayo (81-83)

Mr. Heddy Tamayo (83-86)

Manuel Lim Jr, popularly called Dr. Nonie. the Third child of the Twelve Children of Ex Mayor Manuel M. Lim Sr and Anita Javison Mandolado. Dr. Nonie is the Youngest Elected Mayor of the Town at the Age of 26. After his graduation in University of Sto Tomas he launched his candidacy as Municipal Mayor. During his Incumbency as Municipal Mayor he reconstructed the Municipal Building, build Farm to Market roads for the Farmers, and killed three commanders of NPA in the mountains of Tibiao. Because of his bravery Tibiao became Peace and order.
8 Mrs. Sotera Importante Tamayo 1986






Angel A. Sangeles (88-92)

Walden M. Lim (01-04)

Geronimo Flores Jr. (04-10)

after the Term of Manuel M. Lim Jr. She launched her candidacy as Municipal Mayor of Tibiao "Nang Neneng" simply called her by Tibiaohanons, Daughter of former Municipal Mayor Leonardo Importante. during her term she reconstructed the public market adding farm to market roads and public health programs

9 Centurion N. Nermal Jr. 1987 1988 Angel A. Sangeles (87-88) Appointed By DILG During 1986 Revolution
10 Manuel Bandoja Lim Sr. 1992 2001 Apolinario C. Untalan (92-01) Manuel B. Lim Sr. simply called him "Toto Manuel" was born on February 11, 1925 in Barangay Sta Justa Tibiao, Antique. the Only Child of Lady Mayor Diodata Tario Lim - Bandoja and Catalino Bandoja. Toto Manuel known as the Founder of Tibiao Bakery. During his term as Municipal Mayor the alluring Bugtong Bato Falls became the local and International tourist destination along with Popular Kawa hot Bath, Seco Island and Whitewater kayaking at Tibiao River.
11 Walden Mandolado Lim 2010 2013 Pelver Medina (10-13) Mr. Walden Mandolado Lim, Simply called Him "Bebok" Brother of Former Mayor Manuel M. Lim Jr and 11th Child of the twelve Children of Ex Mayor Manuel B. Lim Sr. and Anita Javison Mandolado. his Accomplishments as Municipal Mayor are, Tibiao dubbed as Tourism Capital of Antique. Tibiao Became Economically Progress and Popular because of his First Project "TEA PARK" Tibiao-Eco Adventure Park also in his time Tibiao received Good Local Governance year 2011 and 2012. He staunch advocate of Clean and green project, he launched various program on environmental preservation. among them are the tree planting activities. Agricultural production increased and market became accessible with the Implementation of road improvement projects with their fresh vegetables and fruits within reach with opening of farm to Market roads.

"Kon may tourismo may Paranguby-an ang Tawo, Kon may parangbuy-an ang tawo, may I sagud sa anang Pamilya"

-Walden M. Lim

12 Gil Baldevia Bandoja 2013 Present Fe Alvarez (13-16)

Xz. Lim (16-19)

Jimmy D. Barrientos (19-Present)


Tibiao is located at 11°17′29″N 122°02′07″E / 11.29152°N 122.03541°E / 11.29152; 122.03541. It is 75 kilometres (47 mi) from the provincial capital, San Jose de Buenavista.

According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, the municipality has a land area of 177.42 square kilometres (68.50 sq mi)[2] constituting 6.50% of the 2,729.17-square-kilometre- (1,053.74 sq mi) total area of Antique.

Seco Island, over 21 nautical miles offshore, is a 1.5 km sandbar visited by tourists.[5]


Tibiao is politically subdivided into 21 barangays.[6]

PSGC Barangay Population ±% p.a.
2015[3] 2010[7]
060617001 Alegre (Lawihaw) 1.0% 280 268 0.84%
060617002 Amar (Sangyadan) 3.8% 1,025 857 3.47%
060617003 Bandoja (Lupa-an) 2.3% 618 627 −0.27%
060617004 Castillo (Igtonarum) 0.7% 182 152 3.49%
060617005 Esparagoza (Ungyon) 1.5% 414 507 −3.78%
060617006 Importante (Balantian) 4.9% 1,322 1,086 3.82%
060617007 La Paz (Langawon) 4.9% 1,316 1,258 0.86%
060617008 Malabor (Burok Burok) 13.5% 3,602 2,739 5.35%
060617009 Martinez (Lamnugan) 7.1% 1,896 1,891 0.05%
060617010 Natividad (Kulangi) 3.4% 921 718 4.86%
060617011 Pitac (San Dionisio) 4.6% 1,228 1,264 −0.55%
060617012 Poblacion 14.4% 3,850 3,624 1.16%
060617013 Salazar (Mamara/Hinonghinong) 2.2% 585 567 0.60%
060617014 San Francisco Norte (Tumangtang) 6.3% 1,690 1,519 2.05%
060617015 San Francisco Sur (Butarog) 6.6% 1,776 1,537 2.79%
060617016 San Isidro (Gingay) 4.2% 1,126 1,075 0.89%
060617017 Santa Ana (Payatpat) 2.2% 598 593 0.16%
060617018 Santa Justa (Kubay) 5.1% 1,365 1,351 0.20%
060617019 Santo Rosario (Karapunan) 4.0% 1,061 1,042 0.34%
060617020 Tigbaboy 1.4% 379 336 2.32%
060617021 Tuno 5.7% 1,514 1,502 0.15%
Total 26,748 24,513 1.68%


Population census of Tibiao
YearPop.±% p.a.
1903 7,482—    
1918 8,989+1.23%
1939 10,830+0.89%
1948 13,321+2.33%
1960 11,879−0.95%
1970 14,280+1.86%
1975 15,935+2.22%
1980 17,200+1.54%
1990 20,192+1.62%
1995 19,628−0.53%
2000 21,772+2.25%
2007 23,228+0.90%
2010 24,513+1.98%
2015 26,748+1.68%
Source: Philippine Statistics Authority[3][7][8][9]

In the 2015 census, Tibiao had a population of 26,748.[3] The population density was 150 inhabitants per square kilometre (390/sq mi).


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