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The Tibor de Nagy Gallery is an art gallery in New York City. It was involved in the discovery of many of the Second Generation Abstract Expressionist Movement’s artists and also representational artists of the era including Nell Blaine, Grace Hartigan, Alfred Leslie, Helen Frankenthaler, Jane Freilicher, Paul Georges, Red Grooms, Ian Hornak, Kenneth Noland, Fairfield Porter and Larry Rivers.


Tibor de Nagy Gallery is among the earliest modern art galleries in New York City. Started in 1950, today it has a contemporary program and a focus on the Post War second generation New York School. From 1993 to 2017 the gallery was co-owned and directed by Andrew Arnot and Eric Brown.[1] In early 2017 Brown departed Tibor de Nagy Gallery. That same year, after 67 years in Midtown Manhattan, Arnot relocated the gallery to the Lower East Side.[2]

The gallery was founded by Tibor de Nagy (1908–1993),[3] and John Bernard Myers in 1950 and established emerging artists including Carl Andre, Helen Frankenthaler, Jane Wilson, Red Grooms, Larry Rivers, Nell Blaine, Jane Freilicher, Fairfield Porter, among others. The gallery became a salon for artists and poets and exhibited collaborations between them. The gallery published early volumes of poetry by New York School poets John Ashbery, Kenneth Koch, and Frank O’Hara. It continues its involvement in poetry today and publishes books from time to time.

The gallery specializes in paintings and works on paper. It represents a group of artists whose works are either painterly representational or abstract. It also works with a number of estates of such figures as Joe Brainard, Rudy Burckhardt, Donald Evans, and Jess.


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