Tic Tac Totally

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Tic Tac Totally
FounderMatt Clark
GenreGarage rock
Country of originU.S.
LocationChicago, Illinois
Official websitewww.tictactotally.com

Tic Tac Totally was an independent record label run by Matt Clark in Chicago, Illinois. He also runs the "Dumb Audio" zine.[1] Since forming in 2006 Tic Tac Totally has released over 50 records.

The label has released LPs and 7"s by punk and garage rock bands such as the Wavves, Lost Sounds, The Pharmacy, and Fergus & Geronimo. The label has helped launch the careers of bands such as Fat Possum recording artists Thomas Function and Wavves, as well as helping established artists such as the Jay Reatard led project Lost Sounds. They also have been a strong supporter of ex-River City Tanlines member Matthew Melton and his many solo and side-projects, and have released many of Alicja Trout's bands outside of River City Tanlines with her Lost Sounds, Black Sunday and Mouserocket projects.[2]

The label continues to release garage-punk and have sparked the career of Bad Sports' member Orville Neeley's new project, OBN III's who are fast becoming a staple in the Austin garage-punk community.[3] They recently were featured on the cover of the popular zine Maximum Rock N Roll with a full interview inside.[4]

Before that, Tic Tac Totally helped launch the career of Ireland's So Cow who Pitchfork Media reviewed favorably stating, "Like Television Personalities or the Clean at their most engaging, Kelly plays rickety guitar-pop that sounds homemade without feeling insular. So Cow compiles the best of Kelly's singles and self-released CDs so far, remastered by underground rock luminary Bob Weston. Sing-along hooks and scruffy charm abound."[5] Tic Tac Totally is distributed by the popular punk distributor Revolver/Midheaven Distribution based in San Francisco.[6]


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