Tick Tock Tuckered

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Tick Tock Tuckered
Looney Tunes (Daffy Duck/Porky Pig) series
Tick Tock Tuckered title card.png
Directed by Robert Clampett
Produced by Leon Schlesinger
Story by Warren Foster
Voices by Mel Blanc
Music by Carl Stalling, Milt Franklyn
Animation by Tom McKimson
Rod Scribner (uncredited)
Studio Warner Bros. Cartoons
Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures
The Vitaphone Corporation
Release date(s) April 8, 1944
Color process Technicolor
Running time 7:00
Language English

Tick Tock Tuckered is a 1944 Looney Tunes cartoon. A color remake of the cartoon Porky's Badtime Story featuring Porky Pig and Daffy Duck (instead of Gabby Goat), it was directed by the same director of the previous film: Bob Clampett.


The plot of the two cartoons are very similar.

When Porky and Daffy Duck realize that they overslept to 10:00 after their alarm goes off at 06:00, they end up rushing to work at the Fly By Night Aircraft Co. and sneaking in. When it came to clocking in, Daffy ends up turning the clock backwards two hours earlier and clocks in only for the alarm to go off. Their boss (a caricature of Clampett's immediate boss, production manager Ray Katz)[1] catches them and in a cheerful manner, states that if they weren't going to make it, he would've sent their work to them. He then drops his friendly facade and angrily warns them that if they are late one more time, they'll be fired. Then he orders them to get to work, to which they dash into their office and close the door so fast that the sign on the door shatters.

Later that night at 08:00, Porky Pig sets the alarm clock as Daffy complains about having to go to bed early. Porky reminds Daffy that if they are late again, they'll get canned. Porky climbs into bed and they both fall asleep until a bunch of cats and dogs next door wake them up. Later that night, the moon comes out and its light wakes up Porky. One of Porky's attempts to close the blind ends up wrecking his bed. This also disturbs Daffy who ends up shooting the moon, which then falls as a result. ("Unbelievable, isn't it?") As the night progresses, a thunderstorm occurs while Porky is sleeping in Daffy's bed. Porky closes the window only for a leak in the roof to disturb him and Daffy. Daffy opens an umbrella in the house with Porky telling him that it's bad luck. Daffy ignores Porky's statement until lightning destroys the umbrella. When Daffy quotes that he should try sleeping under Niagara Falls, a lot of water comes through the roof and down on them.

The next morning, Porky and Daffy are shown sleeping in the drawers when the alarm clock goes off at 06:00. They get themselves ready and drive off to work. When Porky and Daffy arrive at the Fly By Night Aircraft Co., they see a sign on the door that says "Closed Sunday." Porky states that they don't have to work today, to which Daffy boxes himself ("Now he tells me!") before they drive home. When they climb back into the drawers to sleep, the alarm clock goes off again at 06:15. It gets shot by Porky, falls over and dies.


  • Direction: Robert Clampett
  • Story: Warren Foster
  • Animation: Tom McKimson, Rod Scribner
  • Film Editor: Treg Brown
  • Voice Characterizations: Mel Blanc
  • Musical Direction: Carl W. Stalling
  • Orchestrations: Milt Franklyn
  • Produced by: Leon Schlesinger



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