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A ticket exchange is a market where tickets are bought and sold.

Secondary market[edit]

Ticket exchanges allow people to buy and sell tickets online. For example, an individual who purchased tickets to a football game may find that they can no longer go and hence sell their tickets on a ticket exchange. Those most likely to use the services of a ticket exchange are ticket brokers (commonly known as "scalpers"). Brokers may purchase tickets in bulk from a promoter or directly from the venue (box office) hoping that the tickets will sell above face value due to high demand.[1]

Ticket exchange in air travel[edit]

There are online marketplaces where people can offer their transferable flight tickets for sale. For travellers without travel insurance, it can reduce losses when unable to travel. Flights are transferable in some jurisdictions, if the name on the ticket can be changed. US-based airlines are very strict about changing names on flight tickets; even a small typing error might force a traveller to buy a completely new airline ticket. In UK and Ireland, the sale of flight tickets is strictly regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority (United Kingdom), and only agents authorized to Air Travel Organisers' Licensing are allowed to sell flight tickets. Even though several British airlines allow name changes, the customers are not allowed to resell their flights.[2] In other European countries, such as Germany, France, and Netherlands, the exchange of flight tickets by private persons is not prohibited.

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