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Tickety Toc
96490-tickety logo tm no background-original-1363193033.gif
Tickety Toc logo
GenreAnimated Preschool
Created byJung Gil-hoon (FunnyFlux Entertainment)
Theme music composerMr Miller & Mr Porter
Country of originUnited States
United Kingdom
South Korea
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes39[1]
Executive producer(s)Nigel Pickard
Vanessa Hill
Producer(s)Karina Stanford-Smith
Running time11 minutes
Production company(s)The Foundation, part of Zodiak Media Group
FunnyFlux Entertainment
DistributorZodiak Kids
Original networkEBS (Korea)
Nick Jr. and Tiny Pop (UK)
EBS and JEI TV (Korea)
RTE (Ireland)
Picture formatCGI Animation
Original releaseApril 19, 2012 (2012-04-19) –
September 2, 2015 (2015-09-02)

Tickety Toc is an American, British and South Korean children's animated CGI series produced by The Foundation, part of Zodiak Media Group and FunnyFlux Entertainment.[2] The first series consist of 52 episodes, each 11 minutes long, but is shown as twenty-six blocks, each containing two episodes in some countries.

The first series was acquired by Nick Jr. as part of a global deal. Tickety Toc aired across Asia from 19 April 2012 and was subsequently rolled out internationally with localised dubs. Tickety Toc aired for the first time on British TV on 23 April 2012 as the number 1 Nick Jr. show,[3] and became the number 1 daytime show on Nick Jr. US[4] for the first 3 months when it launched September 10, 2012.[5] In addition to the Nick Jr. global acquisition, the show has been sold to free-to-air television partners internationally. Launching on Channel 5's Milkshake slot 1 November 2012, other broadcasters who have picked up the 52-episode series include TG4 in Ireland and Family Channel in Canada. Jolly Roger (Amusement Rides LTD) made a kiddie ride based on Pufferty the train, featuring the main characters Tommy & Tallulah. It features a mirror so you can see yourself on Pufferty, the Tickety Toc theme tune and 4 funny sound effects.

In the US, Tickety Toc originally aired on Nickelodeon's preschool block, but was later burned off to Nick Jr. on weekdays.


In a clock shop, there is a fun-styled cuckoo-like clock called the Tickety Toc Clock. As every hour passes, two figures come out near the top: a boy named Tommy playing his drums, and a girl named Tallulah playing her trumpet. A dog-shaped train named Pufferty also runs around on the clock's rails. However, unlike most clocks, it features a magical world called Tickety inside it; thus Tommy, Tallulah, and Pufferty would come alive and hang out there with their friends between the hours. Things don't always run smoothly.[6]

The show centres on Tommy & Tallulah and their remarkable friends, as they race against time to keep the clock ticking and to perform their duty of chiming in the time. Through Tommy & Tallulah's madcap adventures, Tickety Toc explores concepts of teamwork, social responsibility & problem solving in a fun and engaging way.[7]

Every show starts with Pufferty dropping off the twins after they've finished Chime Time. Tommy & Tallulah then unintentionally set off a chain of events which will ultimately threaten to prevent Chime Time from happening. With the help from one or more of the eclectic Tickety Town residents, the twins develop ways of overcoming the emotional or physical jeopardy that has been caused. Once the problem is resolved, Pufferty takes Tommy & Tallulah to the Tickety Toc Clock so Chime Time can take place again.



  • Tommy & Tallulah do everything with utmost enthusiasm, commitment and positivity - even if that gets them further and further into trouble. They share that "I want it to happen now" impatience of all preschoolers, but they are 8 years old. Tommy and Tallulah love each other, back each other up and egg each other on—a convincing "Well if you're sure, then I'm sure," is all it takes to confirm both their commitments to a course of action. This 'can do' spirit can often produce a calamitous outcome, but their individual approach to a sticky situation and joint resourcefulness always shines through and saves the day.
    Tommy is funny and always ready for adventure. His 'act now think later' approach often lands the twins in a spin. He is practical and resourceful but his confidence sometimes outweighs his own ability with comedic effect. However, when things go wrong, he can always turn to his twin sister, Tallulah, for help.
    Tallulah is the more creative half of this duo. She is much more of a thinker and inevitably comes up with the plan to solve the problem they face. She has a big imagination and is not afraid to use it - but she knows she can always rely on Tommy for practical advice and know-how when faced with a problem she can't solve. Tommy has been voiced by Koda Gursoy and Talullah by Isabelle Seratch in the American version. Toby Ross Ralph and Ruby Love voice Tommy and Tallulah, respectively in the UK version.
  • Pufferty is a very excitable puppy-dog train who helps the citizens of Tickety Town to get around. At the mere mention of his name, he can (and often does) appear out of the blue like a puppy who has heard the word "walkies". His greatest excitement however is reserved for "Chime Time", when he has the honour of delivering Tallulah and Tommy, on time, for their hourly duty. He is voiced by Julianne Grossman and Luke Cawley in the American version.
  • McCoggins is the Tickety Town maintenance man and there's nothing he can't fix. He is also known as the "Clock Doc". An enthusiastic, amateur inventor, he has many weird and wonderful creations. He is a kindly, gentle soul and is surprisingly ponderous.
  • Hopparoo is enthusiastic yet accident-prone, Hopparoo is the madcap bunny of Tickety Town. He spends his days eating carrots, looking for mischief or sleeping on his hammock. Occasionally McCoggins will call upon his DIY skills for maintenance in the town although his hyperactive nature often means that mayhem is never far behind when he's involved.


  • Chikidee is Tickety Town's weather chick. She sits on top of the weather vane at the top of the Clockhouse and reports the weather to anyone who'll listen. Chikidee dreams of glamour and being in the limelight – but is often let down by her scatty lack of coordination. Voiced by Patricia Rodriguez in the American version
  • Madame Au Lait is a larger than life character with a huge heart, enormous amounts of energy and approaches life with immeasurable gusto and enthusiasm. She mothers the Tickety Town residents – especially Tommy & Tallulah, who live with her in the Clockhouse. When she's not knocking up a feast in the kitchen, Madame Au Lait can often be found playing Ping Pong – at which she is almost unbeatable – or practicing her taekwondo. Also voiced by Patricia Rodriguez in the American version.
  • Battersby runs the Bell Shop & General Store, a remarkable store which is the go-to place for any item, however obscure, that the residents of Tickety Town might need. Battersby often falls asleep at inopportune moments and always crashes to the floor from his rafters when customers call in to his shop and wake him up. He is easily startled, but utterly loveable and helpful. Voiced by Eric Meyers in the American version.
  • Lopsiloo is Tickety Town's fruit and vegetables delivery snail. She is a fast snail and zips around town pulling her cart festooned with her beautifully displayed produce. When not on her rounds, Lopsiloo can be found tending her white picket-fenced vegetable garden. Lopsiloo is delightfully sweet natured, but with a charmingly ditsy take on the world. She is voiced by Larissa Murray.
  • Tooteroo is a curious, inquisitive little owl who seems forever cursed by terrible luck. Tooteroo is completely silent, but it is able to clearly communicate its feelings to the audience with its comedic mannerisms.
  • Spring Chicks are Tickety Town's resident family of free roaming chickens. Mother Spring Chick keeps her three chicks in check – although when they are off the leash, her three baby chicks are like three cute little velociraptors – chasing food and wreaking havoc wherever they can.


Zodiak Rights, the Consumer Products Licensing division of the Zodiak Media Group will be launching merchandise; including toys, books, games and clothing internationally from Autumn 2013.[8] Vivid Imaginations and Just Play are the master toy partners for Tickety Toc globally.[9] International licensing agents will represent Tickety Toc in the following countries;

  • USA – Established Brands
  • Canada – Studio Licensing
  • France – Zodiak Kids, Paris
  • Australia – Fusion
  • Benelux – J & M Brands


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