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Tickford Priory was a medieval monastic house in Buckinghamshire, England. It was established in 1140 by Fulconius paganel who was lord of the Manor of Newport Pagnell at the time, also giving his name to the town. [1] the priory was a cell of the Cluniac order at Marmoutier in Tours, France. In 1524 Cardinal Wolsey annexed "the superfluous house of Tickford" for Christ Church College in Oxford together with all its wealth. The "Issues of the House" were worth £57 11s 4d, the bells and lead £33 6s 8d and moveable goods £5 4s 0d. In the early 18th century some of the priory buildings were still in existence, but in a ruinous state. The current building occupying the site is a house of 18th Century date, much of the fabric of this building is believed to have been from the old Priory.


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Coordinates: 52°05′12″N 0°42′54″W / 52.0866°N 0.7150°W / 52.0866; -0.7150