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Tico is a colloquial name for the natives of Costa Rica. TICO is the Travel Industry Council of Ontario.

Tico or 'TICO may also refer to:

Fictional characters[edit]


  • Nicolae Tico, Romanian sprint canoer
  • Tico-Tico (born 1973), Mozambican footballer
  • Tico Brown (born 1957), former American professional basketball player
  • Tico McNutt, American animal research and founder of the Wild Dog Research Project
  • Tico Santa Cruz (born 1977), frontman of Brazilian rock band Detonautas Roque Clube
  • Tico Torres, (born 1953), American drummer and percussionist for Bon Jovi
  • Tico Wells, African-American actor
  • Tico Zamora (born 1967), American rock musician, songwriter and record producer

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