Tico of the Seven Seas

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Tico of the Seven Seas
Tico of the Seven Seas.jpg
Cover art from Bandai Visual's DVD release of the series
(Nanatsu no Umi no Tico)
Anime television series
Directed byJun Takagi
Produced byYoshihiro Suzuki
Akio Yogo
Written byNoriyuki Aoyama
Hideki Mitsui
Aya Matsui
Mamiko Ikeda
Tōru Nobuto
Music byMichiru Ōshima
StudioNippon Animation
Original networkFuji TV
Original run 16 January 1994 18 December 1994
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Tico of the Seven Seas (七つの海のティコ, Nanatsu no Umi no Tiko) is a Japanese anime series by Nippon Animation. It is about a girl of eleven with her best friend Tico, a female orca.

It remains the only series within the World Masterpiece Theater based on an original story, and not on a book. An English dub for the series, entitled Tico & Friends, was done by Ocean Studios.


Nanami Simpson is a young girl. Her mother dies when she is young, and she goes to live with her father, Scott Simpson, on board a marine research vessel, the Peperonchino. Her father is a marine biologist, and he is in search of a creature known as the glowing whale. When he finds the bones of one of these, he is saddened, and resolves to change his mission toward preserving and caring for the creatures. Nanami befriends an Orca which she names Tico, and she goes swimming with it every day. Eventually, she learns to breathe underwater which astounds her father. Nanami nearly drowns one day, and one of the glowing whales saves her from certain death and returns her to the vessel, where her father finally gets to see it.


Nanami Simpson
Voiced by Megumi Hayashibara; Chantal Strand in the English dub
Nanami is the main protagonist in the series. 11 years old, she claims all from the sea are her friends. She has been friends with Tico ever since she was a baby.
A Killer whale who is a life-long friend to Nanami.
Junior is Tico's calf who later joins a super-pod of killer whales.
Scott Simpson
Voiced by Shuuichi Ikeda; David Kaye in the English dub
Nanami's father, who is a marine biologist, and captain of the Peperoncino. He has been searching for the luminous whale for seven years.
Nagisa Suzuki
Nanami's aunt from her mother, Yuko's side of the family.
A fat Italian man who works with Scott, and always on the lookout for treasure.
Cheryl Christina Melville
Voiced by Venus Terzo in the English dub
An English woman who comes from a wealthy family and craves adventure. At first, Al tended to call her "girl" rather than her name.
Voiced by David Kaye in the English dub
Cheryl's butler. Born near the Cliffs of Dover.
Thomas LeConte
A boy the Peperoncino crew met in the Bahamas.
A con-man with a heart of gold, and a crush on Cheryl. He also has a fear of fish.
A free-lance photographer who informs the Peperoncino crew about Metal Claw's activities.
Richard's pet parrot.
Metal Claw
Voiced by Daisuke Gouri; Scott McNeil in the English dub
A villain from earlier in the series, he is a man who has a metal hand in place of his right hand. Captain of the Mentil.
Professor Charles LeConte
A scientist who is an old acquaintance of Scott Simpson, and Thomas's father.
A member of the crew on the Scorpio.
Voiced by Akiko Yajima
Voiced by Bin Shimada
A cousin of Al's, who lives with their 94 year old grandmother.
Don Gould (Mr. Krang in the English dub)
Head of the Rio Connection.
Voiced by Hisako Kyōda
Adrienne Benex
Voiced by Chiyoko Kawashima
The main villain of the series. Professor LeConte's superior, she owns the Gaiatron Corporation. She wants the luminous whale due to an element it is said to have, called trontium.
Voiced by Keisuke Yamashita
Benex's underling.
Terry Taft
Voiced by Yumi Tōma
A wheelchair-bound boy Nanami meets. He lost the use of his legs at the same time he lost his sister, Maggie.
A young girl of the north whose grandfather is a descendant of one of has seen the luminous whale.
Luminous whale
A whale whose body glows yellow.


  • Produced by Koichi Motohashi
  • Production Management: Juichi Motohashi
  • Planning: Kenji Shimizu, Shoji Sato
  • Character Design: Satoko Morikawa
  • Art Setting by Kazue Itô
  • Art Director: Shigeru Morimoto
  • Director of Photography: Toshiaki Morita
  • Music by Michiru Ōshima
  • Sound Director: Sadayoshi Fujino
  • Producers: Yoshihiro Suzuki, Akio Yogo
  • Directed by Jun Takagi
  • Produced by Fuji TV, Nippon Animation

English dub[edit]


  1. Nanami, A Little Adventurer (The Girl With the Killer Whale! Adventurer Nanami)
  2. Thomas And The Treasure Map (The Caribbean Pirates are After Children!?)
  3. Trouble In The Atlantic (The Arrival of the Atlantic Ocean Gang!?)
  4. Flight On The High Seas (Run, Run, and Run Some More!!)
  5. Saving The Seals (Rio de Janeiro Never Sleeps)
  6. The Blue Whale (The Day We Met the Blue Whale)
  7. Crisis Beneath The Sea! (At the Bottom of the Atlantic! Thomas Alone!)
  8. Al's Treasure Hunt (The Sunken Ship of the Zaire River The Mystery of Treasure)
  9. The Secret Of The Cave (The ship that floats in the phantom underground lake)
  10. Overland To The Nile (Tico takes the road)
  11. Princess Nanami (Nanami, Princess of the Ocean)
  12. Friends Of The Family
  13. Beware Of The Giant Toys
  14. Al Comes Home
  15. Nanami Saves the Island
  16. Tico's Baby
  17. Junior's First Breath
  18. Cheryl Gets Engaged
  19. Panic In The Oilfield
  20. Growing Pains
  21. The Legend Of The Northern Lights
  22. The Mystery Of The Iceberg
  23. The Heart Of The Ice Mountain
  24. A Trip To Japan
  25. Nanami Remembers
  26. A Letter To Grandma (clip show)
  27. The Ghost Ship
  28. The Deep-Sea Sub
  29. Island Of The Butterflies
  30. The Miracle Egg
  31. Cheryl And Scott Get Stranded
  32. New Leads On The Luminous Whale
  33. Another Luminous Creature
  34. A Close Encounter
  35. Discovery!
  36. Operation: Capture!
  37. The Antarctic Foundation
  38. Nature To The Rescue
  39. The Shining Circle


Opening Theme

  • Sea Loves You
Lyrics by: Chiho Seiko
Composition by: Osamu Tozuka
Arrangement by: Arisu Sato
Song by: Mayumi Shinozuka

Ending Theme

  • Twinkle Talk
Lyrics by: Chiho Seiko
Composition by: Osamu Tozuka
Arrangement by: Arisu Sato
Song by: Mayumi Shinozuka

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