Tico of the Seven Seas

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Tico of the Seven Seas
Tico of the Seven Seas.jpg
Cover art from Bandai Visual's DVD release of the series
(Nanatsu no Umi no Tico)
Anime television series
Directed by Jun Takagi
Produced by Yoshihiro Suzuki, Akio Yogo
Written by Noriyuki Aoyama, Hideki Mitsui, Aya Matsui, Mamiko Ikeda, Tōru Nobuto
Music by Hibiki Miwa
Studio Nippon Animation
Network Fuji TV
Original run 16 January 199418 December 1994
Episodes 39

Tico of the Seven Seas (七つの海のティコ Nanatsu no Umi no Tiko?) is a Japanese anime series by Nippon Animation. It is about a girl of eleven with her best friend Tico, a female orca.

It remains the only series within the World Masterpiece Theater based on an original story, and not on a book.


Nanami Simpson
Voiced by Megumi Hayashibara
Nanami is the main protagonist in the series. She claims all from the sea are her friends.
An orca who is a friend to Nanami.
Scott Simpson
Voiced by Shuuichi Ikeda
Nanami's father, who is a marine biologist, and captain of the Peperoncino. He has been searching for the glowing whale for seven years.
A fat man who works with Scott.
Cheryl Christina Melville
An English woman who comes from a wealthy family and craves adventure.
Cheryl's butler.
Thomas LeConte
A boy the Peperoncino crew met in the Bahamas.
A free-lance photographer who informs the Peperoncino crew about Metal Claw's activities.
Metal Claw
Voiced by Daisuke Gouri
The main villain, he is a man who has a metal hand in place of his right hand. Captain of the Mentil.
Professor LeConte
A scientist who is an old acquaintance of Scott Simpson.
A member of the crew on the Scorpio.
Voiced by Akiko Yajima
Voiced by Bin Shimada
Don Gould
Head of the Rio Connection.


  1. The Girl With the Killer Whale! Adventurer Nanami
  2. The Caribbean Pirates are After Children!?
  3. The Arrival of the Atlantic Ocean Gang!?
  4. Run, Run, and Run Some More!!
  5. Rio de Janeiro Never Sleeps
  6. The Day We Met the Blue Whale


Opening Theme

  • Sea loves you
Lyrics by: Chiho Seiko
Composition by: Osamu Tozuka
Arrangement by: Arisu Sato
Song by: Mayumi Shinozuka

Ending Theme

  • Twinkle Talk
Lyrics by: Chiho Seiko
Composition by: Osamu Tozuka
Arrangement by: Arisu Sato
Song by: Mayumi Shinozuka

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