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King of Goiim
House Goiim[1]

Tidal (תִדְעָל), king of Goyim, is a monarch mentioned in Genesis 14:1. Genesis describes Tidal was one of the four kings that fought Abraham in the Battle of Siddim. The historical reality of kings and events related in Genesis is doubted by modern scholarship.[2]

The word goyim in biblical Hebrew can be translated as "nations" or "peoples" or "ethnic groups" (in modern Hebrew it means "Gentiles") although biblical scholars suggest that in this verse it may instead be a reference to the region of Gutium.[3]

Theories about the name[edit]

  • The name Tidal is considered equivalent to Tudhaliya,[4] the name both of a Proto-Hittite king and a Hittite king. The name continued as "Tudal" down to the Neo-Hittite period.

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