Tidbury Ring

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Tidbury Ring
Tidbury ring geograph-919508-by-Graham-Horn.jpg
Tidbury Ring
Tidbury Ring is located in Hampshire
Tidbury Ring
Shown within Hampshire
Location Hampshire
Coordinates 51°11′01″N 1°20′21″W / 51.1835°N 1.3393°W / 51.1835; -1.3393
Periods Iron Age
Site notes
Public access on private farmland, Tidbury Farm

Tidbury Ring is the site of an Iron Age univallate hillfort located in Hampshire. The earthworks have been heavily destroyed by ploughing, but some sections to the south remain in better condition. The entrance lies to the southeast of the fort. The interior is for the most part farmland with the earthworks now covered by small trees and undergrowth[1] Two Roman buildings, possibly a courtyard villa complex were found within the hill-fort. The site is now listed as a scheduled ancient monument no.87[2]


The site is located at grid reference SU463429, to the north of the village of Sutton Scotney, in the county of Hampshire. The A34 dual-carriageway passes immediatrely to the east of the site. The hillfort of Norsebury Ring lies close by to the southeast. The hill has a summit of 114m AOD.


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