Tidewater Council

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Tidewater Council
Tidewater Council CSP.png
Owner Boy Scouts of America
Headquarters Virginia Beach, Virginia
Country United States
Founded 1911
Scout Executive Bill Deany
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Tidewater Council is a local council of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). It serves the region of southeastern Virginia and north-eastern North Carolina. This region is often referred to as South Hampton Roads or the Tidewater or Tidewater Virginia area; hence the name of the council. Its Order of the Arrow counterpart is the Blue Heron Lodge; which was founded in 1946 when a team from Octoraro Lodge in Pennsylvania inducted the first members of Blue Heron Lodge.[1]


Tidewater Council is divided into four districts:

District Area served
Bayside All areas of Virginia Beach north of I-264, and Norfolk excluding Southside Norfolk
Princess Anne All areas of Virginia Beach lying south of I-264 and Knotts Island, NC
Three Rivers All of Chesapeake, Portsmouth and Southside Norfolk
Albemarle Gates, Chowan, Perquimans, Perquimans, Pasquotank, Dare and Currituck (less Knotts Island) Counties, North Carolina


Pipsico's Gregson Center and Museum

Tidewater Council was founded in 1911.[2]

In 1946, the council formed an Order of the Arrow lodge when ceremonialists from Octoraro Lodge #22 inducted the first members. In 1947, the totem of a blue heron was selected and the lodge was named Blue Heron Lodge #349.[3]

Pipsico Scout Reservation[edit]

Pipsico Scout Reservation
Pipsico Logo.jpg
Location Spring Grove, VA
Founded 1958
Reservation Director Evan Sommerfeld
Vice President of Camping Wes Parker

Pipsico Scout Reservation is located in Surry County, Virginia between Surry and Spring Grove on the banks of the James River. Pipsico is subdivided into 4 camps, Camp Lions, Camp Kiwanis, Camp Rotary and Camp Powhatan.[4]


Pipsico offers year-round Scouting opportunities in one of our four Scout camps as well as a summer camp and high adventure experience during the summer. Summer camp activities include: Scoutcraft, climbing and rappelling tower, shooting sports, aquatics, hiking trails, a 17th-century archaeological dig site and handicrafts. October 10 to the 12th, Pipsico celebrated its 50th anniversary and included staff members from 1958 to 2008 as part of the celebration.

The James River Adventure Base at Pipsico Scout Reservation programs include a week-long scuba diving program, a week-long sailing program, and the ultimate experience of a week-long adventure program called PEX.

Blue Heron Lodge[edit]

Blue Heron Lodge
Blue Heron Lodge.png
Founded 1946
Lodge Chief Seth Greilling
Lodge Adviser Erich Roetz
Staff Adviser Evan Sommerfeld

Blue Heron Lodge #349 is the local chapter of the Order of the Arrow affiliated with Tidewater Council, BSA, in Virginia Beach,Virginia, USA. Blue Heron Lodge #349 supports Pipsco Scout Reservation, including Camps Lions, Kiwanis, Rotary, and Powhatan with thousands of annual volunteer hours of service and multiple fundraisers throughout the year. The purpose of Blue Heron Lodge #349 is to support camping throughout Tidewater Council.

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