Tiempo de Amar

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Tiempo De Amar
Studio album by Menudo
Released February 13, 1996 (1996-02-13)
Recorded 1995-96
Genre Latin Pop
Label Sony Music
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Tiempo De Amar

Tiempo De Amar (1996) is Menudo's 36th album (23rd in Spanish).

It features Abel Talamántez, Alexis Grullón, Andy Blázquez, and new members Didier Hernández from Cuba, and Anthony Galindo from Venezuela. Didier and Anthony replaced Ashley Ruiz and Ricky López after they both decided to leave the group. This was the last album recorded under the Menudo name. Creator Edgardo Díaz had sold the name to a Panamanian company, so the group's name was changed to MDO. After this, Andy Blázquez left the group and was replaced by new member Daniel René Weider.

With Daniel, the group recorded their first album under the group's new name. The album was self-titled MDO. Daniel left the group in 1998. Although management looked for a new member and, in fact, Ricky López rejoined the group for a few months, they finally decided not to replace Daniel. Later that year, the band released their second album under the new name, featuring Abel, Alexis, Didier, and Anthony, titled Un Poco Más. This was the only record the group released with only four members. In 2000, Anthony left the group. That same year management recruited two new members: Pablo Portillo from Mexico and Troy Tuminelli of Italian descent. With these two new boys, the group released their third album under their name MDO, titled Subir Al Cielo. In 2001, management decided to let Troy go because he was not fitting in with the others, he could not sing and was having problems learning the groups choreographies. New member Caleb Avilés joined the band that same year and their first English album under the name MDO was released, titled A Little Piece Of Heaven. Caleb left the group in 2002 and so did long-time member Alexis Grullón, leaving Abel, Didier, and Pablo as a trio. Anthony Galindo rejoined the group in 2002 to help the guys finish with presentations management had already booked and later that year, the guys decided to call it quits for good. In 2005 Menudo/MDO creator, Edgardo Díaz decided to revive MDO and held auditions. The new group consists of four members: Luis Montes, Elliot Suro, Daniel Rodríguez, all from Puerto Rico, and Lorenzo Duarte from Venezuela. Their first album is titled Otra Vez released that same year. An acoustic version was also released titled Onda Acústica. Edgardo Díaz also put together another group with younger kids using the same formula he used with Menudo. The group's name is Tick Tock.

Track listing[edit]

Tiempo De Amar

  1. Dónde Está Tu Amor (Alejandro Jaén) [4:42] - Singer: Alexis Grullón
  2. Te Amaré (Alejandro Jaén) [3:33] - Singer: Alexis Grullón
  3. Tiempo De Amar (Remi Palacios, Joe B. Jacob) [4:24] - Singer: Didier Hernández
  4. No Entiendo (Gustavo Márquez) [3:09] - Singer: Didier Hernández
  5. He Venido A Pedirte Perdón (Juan Gabriel) [4:38] Singer: Alexis Grullón
  6. Buscando Un Amor (Alejandro Jaén, William Paz) [3:24] - Singer: Abel Talamántez
  7. Bésame (Alejandro Jaén, William Paz) [3:37] - Singer: Andy Blázquez
  8. Solos Tú Y Yo (Alejandro Jaén, William Paz) [3:32] - Singer: Andy Blázquez
  9. Más Y Más (Fernando Osorio) [3:21] - Singer: Anthony Galindo
  10. Hablar De Amor (Crossover Love) (Fernando Osorio) [4:12] - Singer: Didier Hernández
  11. Una Limosna (Samuel Sosa, Chico Amaral; Versión en Español: Alejandro Jaén) [3:28] - Singer: Anthony Galindo
  12. Soy Todo Un Enredo (Samuel Sosa, Chico Amaral; Versión en Español: Andrés Blázquez) [3:03] - Singer: Abel Talamántez