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BornSalvador, Bahia, Brazil
  • Arrocha
  • Singer
  • songwriter
Years active2015–present

Tierry de Araújo Paixão da Costa, known only as Tierry, is a Brazilian singer and songwriter.

Biography and career[edit]

Before his fame as a singer, he gained prominence as a composer, working in great successes of Brazilian music that became popular in the voices of singers such as Gusttavo Lima, Ivete Sangalo e Claudia Leitte.[1][2] In 2015 he started his own solo singing career.[3][4]

At the turn of 2019 year to 2020, Tierry achieved great success with the song "Cracudo", appearing on Spotify's Top 50 songs in Brazil.[5] During 2020, Tierry achieved success with two other songs as a singer in the top 200 of Spotify Brasil, "Rita" and "HB20".[6] The single "Rita" reached the position 8 in November 2020 and the position 10 in December 2020 in the Top 50 Streaming in Brazil.[7][8]


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