Tietz syndrome

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Not to be confused with Tietze syndrome.
Tietz syndrome
Classification and external resources
Specialty endocrinology
ICD-10 E70.3
(ILDS E70.358)
OMIM 103500
DiseasesDB 34108

Tietz syndrome, also called Tietz albinism-deafness syndrome or albinism and deafness of Tietz,[1] is an autosomal dominant[2] congenital disorder characterized by deafness and leucism.[3] It is caused by a mutation in the microphthalmia-associated transcription factor (MITF) gene.[2][4] Tietz syndrome was first described in 1923.[5]

Cause and Genetics[edit]

Tietz syndrome has an autosomal dominant pattern of inheritance.

Tietz syndrome is caused by mutations in the MITF gene, located on human chromosome 3p14.1-p12.3.[2][4][6] It is inherited in an autosomal dominant manner.[2] This indicates that the defective gene responsible for a disorder is located on an autosome (chromosome 3 is an autosome), and only one copy of the defective gene is sufficient to cause the disorder, when inherited from a parent who has the disorder.

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