Hsu Wei-ning

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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Hsu.
Hsu Wei-ning
Background information
Chinese name 許瑋甯 (traditional)
Chinese name 许玮宁 (simplified)
Pinyin Xǔ Wěinìng (Mandarin)
Born (1984-08-07) 7 August 1984 (age 32)
Other name(s) Tiffany Ann Hsu
Tiffany Hsu
Ann Hsu
Occupation Actress, model
Years active 2003-present
Alma mater Chinese Cultural University

Hsu Wei-ning (traditional Chinese: 許瑋甯; simplified Chinese: 许玮宁; pinyin: Xǔ Wěinìng; Wade–Giles: Hsu3 Wei3 Ning4; born 7 August 1984), also known as Tiffany Ann Hsu, is a Taiwanese actress and fashion model of American and Italian descent.[1] Hsu began her career as a fashion model,[2] and first came to attention for her supporting roles in the Taiwanese drama series It Started with a Kiss and its sequel They Kiss Again. She also worked as a VJ for MTV Taiwan.

Her performance as Doris in the Taiwanese film Design 7 Love earned her a Golden Horse Award nomination for Best New Performer. She also appeared in the drama series The Way We Were, for which she won a Golden Bell Award for Best Supporting Actress.[3]

Early life[edit]

Hsu's father is Italian-American and her mother is Taiwanese. Her father left the family before she was born, leaving her mother to raise Hsu with the assistance of her maternal grandparents and her other family members.[4] Hsu attended the Hwa Kang Arts School in Taipei where she was classmates with Rainie Yang and Alien Huang. She graduated from the Chinese Cultural University with a major in Drama Acting in 2007. Friends call her by her middle name, Ann, which is also the English name listed on her agency's profile webpage.[5]


Hsu was first noticed by Catwalk Model Agency when she participated in a talent casting for MTV Taiwan and was then signed up to be a fashion model in 2003.

In 2004, Hsu appeared in her first TV series Jia You Fei Fei (家有菲菲) and sang the theme song "甜姐辣妹". In 2005, she starred in the series It Started with a Kiss as second female lead. In 2007, Hsu appeared in her first film Amour-Legende (松鼠自殺事件). In 2009, Hsu starred in the idol drama ToGetHer and Autumn's Concerto. In 2011, Hsu starred as the second female lead of the TV drama Love You. In 2012, Hsu appeared in the micro-film Wishing for Happiness. She also starred as the female lead for the first time in the romance-drama series, Love Me or Leave Me (TV series), as a woman who was afraid of getting married but then regretted her decision when another woman tried to steal her boyfriend. In 2014, she starred in her first film as female lead in Design 7 Love (相愛的七種設計).[6][7] Hsu also starred in a Resorts World Sentosa promotional four-part micro-film series titled Cupid's World of Happiness (丘比特的幸福世界) alongside Leon Jay Williams and Xiao Xiao Bin.[8] The 40-minute-long microfilm (four episodes of 10 minutes each) tells the story of two vacationers unexpectedly meeting and finding love with each other through a series of adventures during their stay at Resorts World Sentosa.[9] In 2014, Hsu earned wider recognition after appearing in the TVBS series The Way We Were (also known as 16 Summers). Her performance won her a Golden Bell Award for Best Supporting Actress.

In 2015, Hsu starred in the horror film The Tag-Along (紅衣小女孩), playing a smart and independent radio DJ who has a fear of commitment in relationships. The movie was well received by critics and did well at the box-office in Taiwan. It opened in second place with NT$8.73 million over three days, which is the best opening for a Taiwanese film since Our Times.[10]

Personal life[edit]

From 2006 to 2015, Hsu dated actor-model Ethan Juan.[11][12]


TV series[edit]

Year English title Mandarin title Role Network Notes
2004 Jia You Fei Fei 家有菲菲 Fei Fei CTS
2005 It Started with a Kiss 惡作劇之吻 Pei Ziyu CTV/GTV
2007 They Kiss Again 惡作劇2吻 Pei Ziyu CTV/GTV
2008 Time Story 光陰的故事 Ni Ni CTV
2009 ToGetHer 愛就宅一起 Yan Shijia CTV/GTV
Autumn's Concerto 下一站,幸福 He Yiqian TTV
Roseate-Love 紫玫瑰 Mina CTS/GTV
2010 清蜜星体验 Wen Xiu
Scent of Love 就是要香戀 Li Zhenzhen CTV
Days We Stared at the Sun 他们在毕业的前一天爆炸 Policewoman
2011 Love You 醉後決定愛上你 Avril Tang TTV
2012 Love Me or Leave Me 我租了一個情人 Ji Qing SETTV
The Late Night Stop 小站 Wu Yating
2014 The Way We Were 16個夏天 Zheng Ruirui PTS/TVBS
2015 Wake Up 麻醉風暴 Yang Wei-yu
2016 Rock Records in Love 滾石愛情故事 Hsu Chung-hsiu PTS/EBC Episode: "Infatuation" ("鬼迷心竅")
Fresh Off the Boat Margaret Season 3, episode: "Coming from America"
2017 Wake Up 2 麻醉風暴2 Yang Wei-yu


Year English title Mandarin title Role Notes
2006 Amour-Legende 松鼠自殺事件 Coco
2009 Taipei 24H 台北异想 Boss's Woman Segment "Save the Lover"
2010 The Bund 1848-1945 外灘佚事 Li Xianglan Documentary film
2010 How Are You? I'm Fine 你好嗎? 我很好 Samsung micro film
2012 Cupid's World of Happiness 丘比特的幸福世界 Resorts World Sentosa micro film
2012 Wishing for Happiness 想幸福的人 Girl by the river Micro film
2014 Design 7 Love 相愛的七種設計 Doris
2014 Dream Flight 想飛 Xie Xinyi
2015 Inside Out N/A Sadness Taiwanese version, voice
2015 End of A Century: Mia's Story 世紀末的華麗 Mia Short film
2015 The Tag-Along 紅衣小女孩 Shen Yi-chun
2015 White Lies, Black Lies 失控謊言 Hsiao-chen
2016 Battle of Memories 記憶大師
2017 Who Killed Cock Robin 目擊者 Maggie
2017 The Tag-Along 2 紅衣小女孩2 Shen Yi-chun
2017 A Nail Clipper Romance 指甲刀人魔

Music video[edit]

Year Artist Song title
2003 Lee Wei "666"
2003 Lin Yo Wei "That Street"
2004 Alex To "Love You So Much"
2004 Leehom Wang "The Heart's Sun and Moon"
2008 Kenji Wu "Love Hurts"
2010 Vanness Wu "Reason"
2010 Eddie Peng "Corner of Summer"
2012 Wilber Pan "Forgetting the Hug"
2013 Hush "Psycho Love"
2014 Eric Chou "My Way To Love"
2017 Kenji Wu "Haunted Call"

Published works[edit]

English title Mandarin title Author Date published Publisher
Ann's Day Ann's Day: 關於美好的味覺記憶 Ann Hsu 19 May 2012 Kate Publishing

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Event Category Nomination Result
2014 Golden Horse Award Best New Performer Design 7 Love Nominated
2015 Golden Bell Award Best Supporting Actress The Way We Were Won
2015 Macau International Movie Festival Golden Lotus Award for Best Actress Dream Flight Nominated
2016 Taipei Film Festival Best Actress The Tag-Along Won
White Lies, Black Lies Won
End of A Century: Mia's Story Won
2016 Golden Horse Award Best Leading Actress The Tag-Along Nominated


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