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Tiffany Lee Brown is an American writer, editor, and interdisciplinary artist. She is from Portland, Oregon.

Author of A Compendium of Miniatures (Tiger Food Press, 2007), Brown is an editor at PLAZM magazine; she was formerly an editor at 2GQ (2 Gyrlz Quarterly), Anodyne magazine, Signum Press online, Future Sex magazine, and FringeWare Review. Her writing has appeared in Utne, Tin House, Oregon Humanities, Wired, Bust, and Bookforum. Her performances and interdisciplinary pieces have been presented by Portland Center Stage's JAW Festival, Performance Arts NorthWest, the Enteractive Language Festival, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art's Dada Ball, the Portland Rose Festival, and the Dark Arts Festival. In the early 1990s Brown was on the staff of The WELL in Sausalito, California.

Her largest interdisciplinary work is "The Easter Island Project," encompassing participatory art, installation art, video, writing, musical composition, and performance, created and presented throughout 2007–2013. Art critic Richard Speer described it this way: "The subject of this intensely personal exhibition is Brown’s evolving views about motherhood. At the beginning of her journey, she was a passionate 'childless by choice' activist; then her biological clock began to tick loudly and she found herself unhappily child-free; finally, she and her husband, Josh Berger, became the parents of a bright-eyed baby boy. The complicated emotions surrounding this evolution were the reason for Brown’s trip to the island of Rapa Nui (Easter Island), where she performed fertility-related rituals beneath the towering stone heads for which that island is known. Her talk promises to be self-revelatory, compassionate and humorous."[1]

The Easter Island Project's "art gatherings," installations, and performances occurred at venues in New York, Seattle, Portland, Oakland, Prescott Arizona, and in several Pacific Northwest locations. Inara Verzemnieks wrote in The Oregonian newspaper: "As an artist, she had always sought to be fearless, to tackle difficult subjects, to provoke discussion. 'With Tiffany, things are not theoretical," says Stephanie Snyder, curator and director of the Douglas F. Cooley Memorial Art Gallery at Reed College. 'With her, it's always about the lived issues.'"[2]

Brown and has been affiliated with the dUdU art collective since the early 1990s.[3] She chaired the Board of Directors for the non-profit organization 2 Gyrlz Performative Arts, and Director of the non-profit New Oregon Arts+ Letters since 2009.


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