Tiffany Stiegler

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Tiffany Stiegler
Personal information
Country represented United States
Born (1984-01-14) January 14, 1984 (age 33)
Santa Monica, California
Former partner Sergei Magerovski, Bert Cording, Johnnie Stiegler
Former coach Igor Shpilband, Marina Zoueva, Irina Rodnina, Alexander Zaitsev
Former choreographer Igor Shpilband, Marina Zoueva
Skating club Los Angeles FSC

Tiffany Stiegler (born January 14, 1984) is an American figure skater who competed in both pair skating and ice dancing. Competing in pairs with her brother Johnnie Stiegler, she won the bronze medal at the 1998 Sparkassen Cup on Ice and placed fourth at the 1999 World Junior Championships.

Personal life[edit]

Tiffany Stiegler was born on January 14, 1984, in Santa Monica, California.[1] She is the sister of Stephanie and Johnnie, both of whom also competed in figure skating.

She married Joseph ("Woody") Woodrow Stahl on June 28, 2014.[2]


Tiffany Stiegler's first partner was her brother Johnnie, with whom she competed until 2003.[3] They are the 1998 and 1999 U.S. pewter medalists and the 1997 junior national champions. They were coached by Irina Rodnina and Alexander Zaitsev in El Segundo, California.[4] They represented the Los Angeles Figure Skating Club.[5]

In the 2003-04 season, Stiegler skated with Bert Cording. They placed 9th at the 2004 U.S. Championships.

In the 2004–05 season, Stiegler began competing in ice dancing with Sergei Magerovski. They won the pewter medal at the 2005 U.S. Championships. They were coached by Igor Sphilband and Marina Zueva in Canton, Michigan.[1]

Stiegler became a co-coach with her sister at the Toyota center in El Segundo, California.


With Magerovski[edit]

Season Original dance Free dance
  • Chilly Cha Cha
  • Rhumba
  • Merengue

With Stiegler[edit]

Season Short program Free skating
  • Yomokokova
    by Santana
  • Black Magic Woman
    by Santana

Competitive highlights[edit]

GP: Grand Prix; JGP: Junior Series / Junior Grand Prix)

Pair skating with Stiegler[edit]

Event 94–95 95–96 96–97 97–98 98–99 99–00 00–01 01–02 02–03
GP Cup of Russia WD
GP Skate Canada 8th
GP Skate America 8th
GP Sparkassen 3rd
International: Junior[7]
Junior Worlds 8th 4th 7th
JGP Final 6th 4th
JGP Canada 2nd
JGP Germany 4th 3rd
JGP Ukraine 2nd
U.S. Champ. 1st N 4th J 1st J 4th 4th 5th WD 9th 8th
Levels: N = Novice; J = Junior. WD = Withdrew

Pair skating with Cording[edit]

Event 2003–04
U.S. Championships 9th
Pacific Coast Sectionals 1st

Ice dancing with Magerovski[edit]

Event 2004–05 2005–06
GP Skate America 7th
Nebelhorn Trophy 5th
U.S. Championships 4th 6th


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