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Tiffany Tang
MJK30544 Tiffany Tang (Berlinale 2017).jpg
Tiffany Tang in 2017.
Background information
Chinese name唐嫣
PinyinTáng Yān (Mandarin)
BornTang Yan
(1983-12-06) December 6, 1983 (age 34)
Shanghai, China
Alma materCentral Academy of Drama
OccupationActress, Singer
Years active2003–present
Label(s)Tang Yan Studio
Luo Jin (m. 2018)
AncestryNingbo, Zhejiang, China

Tiffany Tang Yan (Chinese: 唐嫣, born 6 December 1983[1]) is a Chinese actress and singer. She graduated from the Central Academy of Drama in 2006. In 2007, she was nominated for the Best Actress award at the Shanghai Television Festival for her film debut in Farewell for Love. She left her company Orange Sky Entertainment Group mid-2012 to set up her own studio.

Tang is noted for her roles in hit dramas Chinese Paladin 3 (2009), My Daughter (2011), My Sunshine (2015), Lady & Liar (2015) and The Princess Weiyoung (2016). She ranked 14th on Forbes China Celebrity 100 list in 2017.[2]


In 2001, she took part in the 3rd "Shulei Century Star" competition, and won the Top Champion" award.[3] In 2004, Tang was selected as one of the 14 "Olympic Babies" by director Zhang Yimou and performed at the closing ceremony of the Athens 2004 Summer Olympics.[4]



Tiffany Tang acted in many television series and movies in her early time. In 2007, she was nominated as Best Actress at the Shanghai Television Festival and as Best New Actress at the Beijing College Student Film Festival for her performance in the film Farewell for Love.[5]

2009–2014: Rising popularity[edit]

Tang rose to fame after starring in Chinese Paladin 3 (2009), adapted from the video game of the same title. Tang's portrayal of Zi Xuan and her chemistry with Wallace Huo drew positive reviews from the audience.[6] She also co-starred with Jay Chou in the Taiwanese television series Pandamen (2010).[7]

Tang's popularity further increased with the drama My Daughter (2011), which earned high ratings.[8] Tang won the awards for Most Popular TV Actress at the 3rd China TV Drama Awards.[9]

In 2012, Tang co-starred in Xuan-Yuan Sword: Scar of Sky, adapted from the popular role-playing game Xuan-Yuan Sword. The drama topped TV ratings and garnered 2 billion views online, becoming the 9th drama in Hunan TV's broadcast history to achieve that feat.[10] She reunited with Chinese Paladin 3 co-star Wallace Huo in Perfect Couple (2014), a historical romantic comedy written by Tong Hua. The drama topped online online views, winning Tang and Huo the Best Couple award at the China TV Drama Awards.[11]

2015–present: Mainstream success and Film roles[edit]

Tiffany Tang's function in Nanning, Guangxi, China in 8 June 2015

Tang starred in a series of hit dramas in 2015. She starred in modern romance dramas My Sunshine with Wallace Chung and Diamond Lover with Rain,[12][13] as well as period dramas Lady & Liar with Hawick Lau and Legend of Fragrance with Li Yifeng.[14][15] Tang also featured as a prominent character in the popular tomb-raiding web drama The Lost Tomb.[16] Due to the success of her dramas, Tang was given the nickname of "1 billion queen" as all of her dramas have reached 1 billion views or more.[17] She was nominated at the 17th Huading Awards for Best Actress in four different categories, and won Best Actress in the contemporary genre for her performance in My Sunshine.[18][19] She also became the promotional ambassador for the 7th China TV Drama Awards, and won the awards for Actress with the Most Media Influence as well as Audience's Favourite Character.[20][21] The same year, Tang was ranked 20th on Forbes China Celebrity with an income revenue of 45 million yuan.[22] Tang was crowned "Golden Eagle Goddess" for the 11th China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival due to her successful streak in television.[23] Despite her success, Tang received criticisms from repetitively playing the same kind of roles without any breakthrough.[24]

In 2016, Tang starred in Korean-Chinese production Bounty Hunters alongside Korean actor Lee Min-ho and Wallace Chung. The film broke 1 million admissions, and Tang received praise for her acting breakthrough as a femme fatale.[25] She then starred in A Chinese Odyssey Part Three directed by Jeffery Lau, playing the role of Zixia Fairy.[26] The film was released on the mid-autumn festival and topped box office charts.[27] Tang then made her television comeback in the historical drama The Princess Weiyoung.[28] The drama ranked in the top ten highest rated television dramas of 2016 and garnered 18 billion views online.[29] She won the Best Actress award at the Huading Awards for her performance.[30]

In 2017, Tang starred alongside Nicholas Tse and Jung Yong-hwa in the comedy film Cook Up a Storm.[31]

In 2018, Tang made her small-screen comeback in the college romance drama The Way We Were.[32] She also starred in the action thriller film Europe Raiders.[33]

Personal life[edit]

On October 28, 2018, Tang and actor Luo Jin were married in Vienna, Austria.[34]



Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
2007 Farewell for Love 离别也是爱 Hu Yan
Bullet & Brain 神枪手与智多星 Xiao Yu [35]
Dangerous Games 棒子老虎鸡 Tang Tang [36]
2008 Dowry 嫁妆 Zhen Zhu [37]
2009 Qingchun Chuji 2 Shengsi Jiuzhu 青春出击2生死救助 Ying Jia
Looking for Jackie 寻找成龙 Swordswoman Cameo[38]
The Storm Warriors 风云II Chu Chu [39]
2011 Preserve 保留 Tangtang [40]
East Meets West 2011 东成西就2011 Ah Qiao Cameo[41]
2012 Finding Love 逐爱之旅 Li Hui Short film[42]
2014 For Love or Money 露水红颜 Ming Zhen [43]
2015 Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe 九层妖塔 Cao Weiwei [44]
2016 MBA Partners 梦想合伙人 Gu Qiaoyin [45]
Bounty Hunters 赏金猎人 Cat Korean-Chinese Film Production
A Chinese Odyssey Part Three 大话西游终结篇 Zixia
2017 Cook Up a Storm 锋味江湖之决战食神 Hai Danmei
2018 Europe Raiders 欧洲攻略 Miss Wang
TBA The Three-Body Problem 三体 Kun Yufei

Television series[edit]

Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
2006 Feng Man Lou 风满楼 Zhou Yutong
2007 The Story of Zhen Guan 贞观长歌 Cai Ji [46]
Spring Comes Early in Grassland 草原春来早 Hasi Gaowa [47]
2008 Modern Beauty 现代美女 Li Wei [48]
2009 Life Without Language 没有语言的生活 Zhu Ling [49]
Born After 80 生于80后 An Wen [50]
Chinese Paladin 3 仙剑奇侠传三 Zi Xuan
2010 Pandamen 熊猫人 Li Liya
Lightning Marriage 闪婚 Han Jinbei [51]
Dream to be Honorable 1942 梦想光荣1942 Zhao Dongmei [52]
2011 My Daughter 夏家三千金 Xia Tianmei
Unbeatable 2 无懈可击之高手如林 Tang Qiqi [53]
Waking Love Up 爱情睡醒了 Liu Xiaobei [54]
2012 Xuan-Yuan Sword: Scar of Sky 轩辕剑之天之痕 Dugu Ningke
A Beauty in Troubled Times 乱世佳人 Zhang Lianxin [55]
2013 Agent X X女特工 Zhong Li [56]
Ad Mania 广告风云 Ruan Xinli [57]
2014 Perfect Couple 金玉良缘 Yu Qilin
The Lady in Cubicle 格子間女人 Tan Bin [58]
2015 My Sunshine 何以笙箫默 Zhao Mosheng
Lady & Liar 千金女贼 Jiang Xin
Legend of Fragrance 活色生香 Le Yan (An Ruohuan)
Master of Destiny 风云天地 Tang Yiyi Special appearance[59]
The Lost Tomb 盗墓笔记 Ah Ning
Diamond Lover 克拉恋人 Mi Duo (Mi Meili)
Woman on the Breadfruit Tree 长在面包树上的女人 Cheng Yun [60]
2016 The Princess Weiyoung 锦绣未央 Li Weiyoung (Feng Xin'er)
2018 Hero's Dream 天意之秦天宝鉴 Nv Xi Cameo[61]
The Way We Were 归去来 Xiao Qing
TBA See You Again 时间都知道 Shi Jian [62]
The Unknown Detective 无名侦探 Yang Xue [63]

Music video[edit]

Year Song Title Singer Notes
2007 Zhu Xian I Come Back (诛仙我回来) Richie Jen [64]
Zhu Xian Love (诛仙恋)
2008 Brothers (兄弟) Huang Yue
2009 Diamond (钻石) Kimi Qiao [65]
Do You Dare to Love (敢不敢爱) Hu Ge
I Am Invisible (我透明) Tiffany Tang
2013 I Don't Cry (我不哭) Huang Yida [66]
2014 Searching for Him (众里寻他) Tiffany Tang



Year English title Chinese title Notes
2012 Candy Heart 糖心 [67]


Year English title Chinese title Album Notes
2009 "I Am Invisible" 我透明 N/A
2010 "Love Attraction" 愛情引力 Pandamen OST
2012 "Using a Lifetime to Reminisce" 用一生回憶 A Beauty in Troubled Times OST [68]
"Hello Tomorrow" 明天,你好! Finding Love OST
2013 "Defending My Sunshine" 捍衛陽光 Agent X OST [69]
2014 "Searching for Him" 众里寻他 N/A Theme song of 吞噬苍穹 Online[70]
2015 "Long Time No See" 好久不見 My Sunshine OST
"Tomorrow" 明天 Woman on the Breadfruit Tree OST
2016 "Heavenly Gift" 天賦 The Princess Weiyoung OST Duet with Luo Jin[71]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Major awards
Year Award Category Nominated work Result Ref.
2007 10th Beijing College Student Film Festival Best New Actress Farewell for Love Nominated
13th Shanghai Television Festival Best Actress (Film) Nominated [5]
2012 8th Huading Awards Best Actress (Fantasy Drama) Xuan-Yuan Sword: Scar of Sky Nominated
2014 13th Huading Awards Best Actress (Revolution-Era Drama) Agent X Nominated
2015 17th Huading Awards Best Actress My Sunshine Nominated [18]
Best Actress (Contemporary Drama) Won
Best Actress (Ancient Drama) Perfect Couple Nominated
Best Actress (Revolution-Era Drama) Legend of Fragrance Nominated
3rd China International Film Festival London Best Supporting Actress For Love or Money Won [72]
2016 8th Macau International Movie Festival Best Actress A Chinese Odyssey Part Three Nominated
11th China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival Golden Eagle Goddess N/A Won [23]
2017 22nd Huading Awards Best Actress The Princess Weiyoung Won [30]
Top 10 Audience's Favorite TV Star Won
2018 24th Huading Awards Best Actress The Way We Were Nominated [73]
2011 1st LeTV Entertainment Awards Most Popular TV Actress (Mainland China) N/A Won [74]
3rd China TV Drama Awards Most Popular Actress (Mainland China) My Daughter Won [9]
2012 3rd LeTV Entertainment Awards Most Popular TV Actress (Mainland China) N/A Won [75]
4th China TV Drama Awards Media Recommended Actress N/A Won [76]
2013 5th China TV Drama Awards Most Commercially Valuable Actress N/A Won [77]
2014 5th China Student Television Festival Most Popular Actress Perfect Couple Won [78]
6th China TV Drama Awards Most Popular Couple (with Wallace Huo) Won [79]
2015 7th China TV Drama Awards Actress with the Most Media Appeal N/A Won [21]
Audience's Favorite Character Diamond Lover Won
2016 8th China TV Drama Awards Most Popular Actress The Princess Weiyoung Won [80]
2017 2nd China Quality Television Drama Ceremony Most Marketable Actress N/A Won [81]
Media's Most Anticipated Actress N/A Won
Tencent Video Star Awards All-Rounded Artist of the Year N/A Won [82]


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