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Regions with significant populations
Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism
Related ethnic groups
Dravidian · Kannadiga · Tamil · Telugu · Tigalari

The Thigala or Tigala are a social group found in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu of India particularly the city of Bengaluru and in Southern Karnataka; the caste is traditionally occupied with livelihood on gardeners of flowers and vegetables.[1] [1]

They are generally Hindus.[1] It is claimed that King Hyder Ali encouraged them to settle down in Bengaluru to help in the laying out of Lal Bagh. Their main deity is Draupadi and Dharmaraya Swamy. There's a Dharmaraya temple near corporation which was built in 11th century AD. Kempegowda the founder of Bangalore built four gopuras with this temple as the centre of the city.[2]:173 and the Karaga festival celebrated in Kolar, Bangalore, Hosakote, Anekal, Kanakapura, Jakkasandra and other towns highly significant to the community.[3] The Thigala in Karnataka speak Kannada and tigalari language[4]

A Karnataka state government order of 1994 designated the Thigala there as members of the Backward Classes.

Tigalari language[edit]

Tigalari language is a mother tongue of Tigala community.[5][not in citation given]


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