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Tiger Racing (Tiger Sportscars) is a kit car manufacturer, formed as Tiger Cars Ltd in London in 1989 by Jim Dudley.[1] In 1998 they moved to new premises in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, and changed their name to Tiger Sportscars Ltd. Their facilities include a rolling road, two engineering shops, a paint department, a sales and show area, MOT Station, trimming shop and a filled parts department. Tiger also has worldwide agents for shipping their sports cars globally.

Their Z100 model, which is no longer in production, held a 0-60 mph record at 2.8 seconds.[2]


  • ERA 30
  • Tiger Aviator tm
  • Tiger Avon
  • Tiger B6
  • Tiger R6
  • Tiger RS6
  • Tiger Z100
  • Tiger Cat E1/Supercat/XL


Tiger Racing have their own motorsport series in which owners and drivers race.[3] They compete with other owners at Silverstone, Brands Hatch, Mallory Park, Cadwell Park, Donington Park, Rockingham, Snetterton, Castle Combe and Lydden Hill. They also run a hire drive service of works cars for people who want the thrill of racing with Tiger but are without a car of their own.alternetative. They often have racing battles with Caterham and Westfield. They sometimes race in the popular Intermarque[4] run by the South Eastern Centre of the British Automobile Racing Club.


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