Tiger bread

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Tiger bread
Tiger Giraffe Bread Rolls (9130659366).jpg
Tiger bread rolls
Place of originNetherlands
Main ingredientssesame oil, bread, Rice paste

Tiger bread (also sold as Dutch crunch or Giraffe bread in the US) is the commercial name for a loaf of bread that has a mottled crust.


The bread is generally made with sesame oil, which gives it a distinct aroma, and with a pattern baked into the top made by painting rice paste onto the surface prior to baking.[1] The paste dries and cracks during the baking process. The rice paste crust also gives the bread a distinctive flavour. It has a crusty exterior, but is soft inside. Typically, tiger bread is made as a white bread bloomer loaf or bread roll, but the technique can be applied to any shape of bread.

Other names[edit]

The name originated in the Netherlands, where it is known as tijgerbrood or tijgerbol (tiger roll), and where it has been sold at least since the early 1970s.[citation needed] The US supermarket chain Wegmans sells it as "Marco Polo" bread.[2]

A tiger bread loaf

In January 2012, the UK supermarket chain Sainsbury's announced that they would market the product under the name "giraffe bread", after a three-year-old girl wrote to the company to suggest it.[3]

In the San Francisco Bay Area it is called Dutch Crunch.[4]


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