Tiglath-Pileser II

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Tiglath-Pileser II (from the Hebraic form [Note 1] of Akkadian Tukultī-apil-Ešarra) was King of Assyria from 967 BCE, when he succeeded his father Ashur-resh-ishi II, until his death in 935 BCE, when he was succeeded by his son Ashur-dan II. Little is known about his reign.

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  1. ^ Spelled as "תִּגְלַת פִּלְאֶסֶר" "Tiglath-Pileser" in the Book of Kings (2Kings 15:29) or as "תִּלְּגַת פִּלְנְאֶסֶר" "Tilgath-Pilneser" in the Book of Chronicles (2Chronicles 28:20).


Preceded by
Ashur-resh-ishi II
King of Assyria
967–935 BCE
Succeeded by
Ashur-dan II