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Not to be confused with Cross River Mbembe language.
Native to Cameroon, Nigeria
Region Taraba State in Nigeria
Native speakers
(60,000 cited 1987–2005)[1]
Ashuku (Kitsipki)
Nama (Dama, Namu)
Nzare (Izale)
Language codes
ISO 639-3 nza
Glottolog tigo1236[2]

Mbembe, or more specifically Tigon Mbembe, is a Jukunoid language of Cameroon and Nigeria.

Writing system[edit]

The Alphabet is based on the GACL[3]
Upper case A B Ch D E Ɛ F G Gb H I J K Kp L M N Ny Ŋ O Ɔ P R S Sh T U V W Z Zh
Lowercase a ɑ b ch d e ɛ f g gb h i j k kp l m n ny ŋ o ɔ p r s sh t u v w z zh

The tones are indicated by vowels with acutes, graves, circumflexes, and carons.


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