Tigran Khzmalyan

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Tigran Khzmalyan
Տիգրան Խզմալյան 03.jpg
Born (1963-04-08) April 8, 1963 (age 54)
Yerevan, Soviet Armenia
Occupation Director, screenwriter, art director, production designer

Tigran Khzmalyan (also known as Xmalian) (Armenian: Տիգրան Խզմալյան) is an independent Armenian filmmaker, screenwriter and producer.


Political and social activism[edit]

In 1988-1990 was a participant of national liberation movement for Karabagh unification with Armenia. In 1991-1993 he worked as a war correspondent for Armenian and international media in Nagorno Karabagh, as well as information assistant of the chairman of the NKR Supreme Council, Mr. Georgiy Petrosyan. In 1993-1996 worked as a political analyst for Armenian Assembly of America, a lobby group of Armenian Diaspora in Washington, DC. In 1997-1998 was appointed a Deputy Director of UNDP in Armenia. In 1998-2005 headed Yerevan Film Studio as a General Manager, before the closing of the studio. .In 2009, together with Jirair Sefilian and Alexander Yenikomshian founded Sardarapat Movement, that later was renamed to Preparliament.

In early 2012, Khzmalyan was one of the leaders of the Mashtots Park Movement. Since 2014 he quit his cooperation with Preparliament due to disagreement on role of Russia in Ukrainian crisis and in regional developments. Khzmalyan held radical anti-Kremlin position, claiming that Putin and his KGB regime had annihilated Armenian statehood and colonized Armenia. In 2016 he joined veteran dissident Paruyr Hayrikyan in pro-Western political movement called Independence. He underwent three trials being accused in disobedience to police during public rallies in 2012, 2014 and 2015.


Year English title Format Awards
1991 The Lesson 35mm, b/w, 10 min, feature Special Prize of the 1st Armenian Film Festival, 1993
1996 Black&White 35 mm,b/w, 30 min, feature Grand Prix of Antalya International Short Film Festival, Turkey, 1996
2nd Prize of the Regensburger Short Film Festival, Germany, 1997
Best Short Film Award of the “Kinoshock” Film Festival, Russia, 1998
1998 Soccer of 1973 Beta-SP, 24 min, documentary
1998 Death of King Beta-SP, 26 min, documentary Special Jury Prize of the Yalta International TV Festival, 2000
2000 Pierlequin or Lighter Than Air 35 mm, color, b/w, 100 min, feature Jury Special Prize of Istanbul Film Festival, 2001
“Best Actor” Prize of “Kinoshock” Film Festival, Russia, 2001
“Movie Magic” Prize of the Film Critics “Listapad” Film Festival, Minsk, Belarus, 2001
2001 Velvet Revolution # 88 Beta-SP, 22 min, documentary
2001 5165 Beta-SP, 27min, documentary
2001 Sister of Mercy Beta-SP, 27 min, documentary
2001 Once Upon A Time In Armenia Beta-SP,44 min, musical feature
2002 Marina V./ Vagina M. DVD, 15 min, animation
2003 33 Minutes About Peleshian DVD, 33 min, documentary
2003 Ruben Hakhverdyan, the Postman DVD, 58 min, documentary
2004 Aram Khachaturyan Century DVD, 35 min, documentary World’s Best Multi Media Culture Project Award of 2005
Bahrein-Tunisia Multi media Contest, 2005
2004 Lovember 35 mm, b/w, 97 min, feature
2005 Armin Wegner, the Genocide Photographer DVD, 34 min, b/w, documentary
2006 A Splinter DV, 34 min, documentary
2006 From Artsakh to Javakhk, from Araks to Kura River DV, 42 min, documentary
2007 Yerevan’s Greatest Secret DV, 44 min, documentary
2008 Sardarapat deja vu DV, 68 min, documentary
2008 Opera DV, 10 min, documentary
2009 Portrait of Jesus Alive DV, 49 min, documentary
2009 Armenia minus A1plus DV, 23 min, documentary
2010 Tigranakert DV, 96 min, documentary
2010 To Ararat DV, 32 min, documentary

2014, Armenian Queens, DV, documentary, 96 min


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