Tigranes I

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Tigranes I
Tigran A.jpg
King of Armenia
Reign 115 - 95 BC
Predecessor Artavasdes I
Successor Tigranes II
Born 183 BC
Died 95 BC
House Artaxiad
Father Artaxias I
Mother Queen Satenik

Tigranes I of Armenia (Armenian: Տիրան Ա) reigned as King of Armenia from 115 BC to 95 BC. Artavasdes I did not leave any heir; his brother, Tigranes ascended to the throne of the Artaxiads. According to Appian, Tigranes II was not the son of Artavasdes, but of Tigranes I.[1][2]


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Tigranes I
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Artavasdes I
King of Armenia
115 BC – 95 BC
Succeeded by
Tigranes II