Tihar Village

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For the Nepalese festival, see Tihar (festival). For the largest jail in India, see Tihar Jail.

Tihar Village is one of the oldest villages in Delhi.

Tihar Village is also known as Kachcha Tihar or Tihar Gaon. Once it was divided in three parts: Tihar Village, Tihar 1 (Subhash Nagar) and Tihar 2 (Ashok Nagar).

Tihar Village Dominated by [[Gurjar]] Caste gotra Poswal and others. Ch.Chetram Numberdar Gurjar is Notable person of this Village , He was Numberdar of 84 Villages along Najafgarh region , Situated in west delhi beside One more Gurjar Village " Khyala" Gaon and Tatarpur Village "Tanwar's" Gaon.

Neighboring areas include: Manak vihar Ashok Nagar Khyala village Gopal nagar Subash nagar Hari nagar Tilak nagar Rajouri Garden