Tihuța Pass

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Tihuța Pass
Tihuta pass01.JPG
Elevation1,201 m (3,940 ft)
Traversed byroad
RangeBârgău Mountains
Coordinates47°16′48″N 25°01′30″E / 47.28°N 25.025°E / 47.28; 25.025Coordinates: 47°16′48″N 25°01′30″E / 47.28°N 25.025°E / 47.28; 25.025
Tihuța Pass is located in Romania
Tihuța Pass
Tihuța Pass
Location of Tihuța Pass in Romania

Tihuța Pass (Romanian: Pasul Tihuța, also called Pasul Bârgău; Hungarian: Borgói-hágó or Burgó) is a high mountain pass in the Romanian Bârgău Mountains (Eastern Carpathian Mountains) connecting Bistrița (Transylvania) with Vatra Dornei (Bukovina, Moldavia).

The pass was made famous by Bram Stoker's novel Dracula, where, termed as "the Borgo Pass", it was the gateway to the realm of Count Dracula. Stoker most likely found the name on a contemporary map; he never actually visited the area.

Today the pass is home to Hotel "Castel Dracula".[1] The hotel was built in 1974 and is located at an elevation of 1,116 m (3,661 ft). The hotel has become quite an attraction due to its architectural style of a medieval villa, as well as the beauty of the location.[citation needed]

Tihuța Pass in winter

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