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Aili Keskitalo
Tiina Sanila-Aikio.jpg
Sanila-Aikio in 2017
5th President of the Sami Parliament of Norway
Assumed office
12 October 2017
Preceded byKlemetti Näkkäläjärvi
Personal details
Tiina Juulia Sanila

(1983-03-25) 25 March 1983 (age 36)
Sevettijärvi, Finland
NationalitySkolt Saami, Finnish
Spouse(s)Leo Aikio
ChildrenElli-Dåʹmnn Aikio[1]

Tiina Juulia Sanila-Aikio or Skolt Sami: Paavvâl Taannâl Tiina[2](born March 25, 1983 in Sevettijärvi, Inari, Finland[3]) is a reindeer herder, Skolt musician, teacher, and the former vice-president and current president of the Finnish Sámi Parliament.[4]

Early life[edit]

Tiina Juulia Sanila was born to Taannâl and Toini Sanila on March 25, 1983.[3] Her father was a Skolt reindeer herder. Her mother is a Finn, originally from Ilomantsi, who moved to the area in the 1980s and who has worked as a teacher, the principal of Sevettijärvi school, and run the family's reindeer farm. Sanila attended the same school her mother worked at until high school, when she moved to Rovaniemi.[3] Once she graduated from high school there, she started studying law at the University of Lapland.[3]

Musical career[edit]

Sanila published the world's first full-length rock CD ever in Skolt Saami in 2005 with her band of the same name. The name of the CD is called Sääʹmjânnam rocks! and it was produced by Tuupa Records Oy in Finland. On June 7, 2006, Tiina Sanila released a new single entitled “Uuh!”, which broke into the Finnish charts in 3rd place during the 26th week of 2006.[5] This was the first time a Skolt Saami had ever broken into the charts. Sanila's next full-length CD Kåʹllkueʹll še måttmešt tålkk was released on May 26, 2007 at the Ijahis Idja festival in Inari.


In December 2006, Tiina Sanila received the Cultural Award from the Province of Lapland in Finland for her work.

Personal life[edit]

In August 2008, Sanila wed Leo Aikio, an Inari Saami reindeer herder.[6] Their daughter Elli-Dåʹmnn was born in 2009.



  • 2005 – Sääʹmjânnam rocks!
  • 2007 – Kåʹllkueʹll še måttmešt tålkk


  • 2006 – ”Uuh!”


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