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Toros de Tijuana
Tijuana, Baja California
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Liga Norte de Mexico (2004)
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Division titles 1 (2004)
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The Toros de Tijuana (or Tijuana Bulls) are a professional baseball team based in Tijuana, Baja California, in Mexico. They started play as a member of Liga Mexicana de Beisbol (Spanish for the Mexican Baseball League), a Minor League Baseball-organized farm system in Mexico and played their home games at Estadio Nacional de Tijuana (National Stadium in Tijuana).[1]

Team history[edit]

The franchise actually was a descendent of the Triple-A Tecolotes de los Dos Laredos (Two Laredo Owls) in the Mexican League) before moving to Tijuana to become the Toros de Tijuana in 2004. They made the playoffs in their debut season. But, the Mexican League was reported to have stripped the Toros owner of his franchise and gave it to new owners who renamed that team the Potros de Tijuana after the original team that played in several leagues. The Toros ownership kept the team name, logo, uniforms and history as a result of the alleged political wrangling that went on in that league.[2]

The original ownership in Mexico were slated to bring the team to the independent Golden Baseball League[3] and were expected to play in 2005, but could not come to a stadium deal in Tijuana. A ballpark was said to be ready in Chula Vista, California near San Diego should the team have decided to come to the league. They folded in 2005. Some say that the Toros were never a part of the GBL, however the league still includes them in their history. If they were to have joined the league, they would've not only been the league's first team based outside of the United States (that honor went to the travelling Japan Samurai Bears), but they would have also been the only privately owned team at the time.

Current roster[edit]

Toros de Tijuana roster
Players Coaches/Other


  • 66 Manny Barreda
  • 52 José Contreras
  • 91 Rafael Diaz
  • 57 Jesus Garcia
  • 12 Jose Luis Garzia
  • 51 Leonardo Gonzalez
  • 49 Rudy Gonzalez
  • 92 Francisco Lizarraga
  • 32 Terance Marin
  • 61 Alejandro Martinez
  • 11 Mario Mendoza
  • 43 Miguel Ramirez ∞
  • 37 Dennys Reyes
  • -- Miguel Ruiz ∞
  • 39 Walter Silva
  • 35 Fernando Villalobos




  • 14 Eduardo Arrendondo
  • 10 Eloy Gutierrez
  •  9 Roman Pena
  • 27 Luis Mauricio Suarez
  •  8 Enrique Trujillo


  • 24 Eddy Díaz


Injury icon 2.svg 7-day disabled list

∞ Reserve list
§ Suspended list
‡ Restricted list
# Rehab assignment
Roster updated April 21, 2015
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