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Tijuana Metropolitan Area
Largest cityTijuana
 • Total2,157,853
Western TJ Metro

The Tijuana metropolitan area, and in Spanish the Zona Metropolitana de Tijuana, is located by the Pacific Ocean in Mexico. The 2010 census placed the Tijuana metropolitan area as the fifth largest city by population in the country with 1,751,302 persons. The census bureau defined metropolitan area comprises three municipalities: Tijuana, Tecate and Rosarito Beach. Yet sources commonly include Tecate Municipality in the metropolitan area as the urban area between Tijuana and Tecate grows, the commuting populace increases - ultimately further developing the southern areas of San Diego–Tijuana, and the three municipalities maintain strong relationships and cooperation.[1][2][3]

Historical population
1990 798,937—    
1995 1,100,817+37.8%
2000 1,352,035+22.8%
2005 1,575,026+16.5%
2010 1,751,430+11.2%
2015 1,840,710+5.1%
2020 2,157,853+17.2%

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