Tikana Rural LLG

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Location of The Tikana Rural LLG in the Kavieng District of New Ireland Province in Papua New Guinea

The Tikana Rural LLG is a local government area in New Ireland Province, Papua New Guinea. The LLG administers the northern section of the island of New Ireland, as well as Dyaul Island and some Tigak islands in the strait between New Ireland and New Hanover.

The LLG is located in Kavieng District and the LLG headquarters is Kavieng, although Kavieng has its own urban LLG.

Tikana is a portmanteau word derived from the names of the three language areas that make up the LLG: Tigak, Kara and Nalik. Population is 33,222(PNG Census 2011).

The LLG president is Ken Bart.