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Tiki is the first man in Māori mythology or a humanoid carving in Central Eastern Polynesian culture generally.

Tiki may also refer to:


  • Atiim Tiki Barber (born 1975), American retired National Football League player turned broadcaster
  • Kate Barber (born 1976), American field hockey player
  • Ramon Tiki Fulwood (1944–1979), drummer for the funk bands Parliament and Funkadelic
  • Erba Tiki Gelana (born 1987), Ethiopian marathon runner
  • Khalil Tiki Ghosn (born 1977), American professional mixed martial artist
  • Tiki Lafe (born 1953), Malaysian politician
  • Tiki Nxumalo (1950–2015), South African actor
  • Tiki Taane (born 1976), New Zealand Maori electronica musician


Arts and entertainment[edit]

Other uses[edit]

  • Tiki (gecko), a reptile commonly found clinging to walls in the Philippines
  • Tiki culture, a decoration style for bars, restaurants and clubs loosely based on Polynesian motifs
    • Tiki torch, a bamboo torch originating in Tiki culture but now used in other contexts
  • Tiki Formation, a Mesozoic geologic formation
  • Brockville Tikis, a Canadian junior ice hockey team
  • Tiki kit car, a kit car made by George and Ashton Limited of Dunedin
  • Tillandsia 'Tiki Torch', a hybrid cultivar of the genus Tillandsia in the Bromeliad family

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