Tikkurilan Palloseura

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Tikkurilan Palloseura
Tikkurilan Palloseura.png
Full name Tikkurilan Palloseura
Nickname(s) TiPS, Tippula
Founded 1958
Ground Tikkurilan urheilupuisto, Tikkurila, Vantaa, Finland
Chairman Finland Ilkka Laanti
Manager Finland Kai Sihvonen
Coach Finland Tom Weckström
League Kakkonen

Tikkurilan Palloseura (abbreviated TiPS) is a football club from Tikkurila in Vantaa, Finland. The club was formed in 1958 and its main catchment areas comprise Tikkurila and Hakunila in Itä-Vantaa (East Vantaa). The ladies team competes in the Naisten Ykkönen ("Women's First Division") which is the second highest division of women's football in Finland. Men's team competes in the Kakkonen ("Second Division") which is the third highest division in Finland. The club's home ground is at Tikkurilan urheilupuisto (Tikkurila Sports Park).


TiPS played two seasons in the Ykkönen (First Division), the second tier of Finnish football in 1996 and 1997. They also have had six spells covering 12 seasons in the third tier, the Kakkonen (the Second Division), in 1980–85, 1991–92, 1995, 1998, 2004 and 2011.[1]

Their history became somewhat distorted in 1998 when Jalkapalloseura Airport City (AC Vantaa) was established as a flagship club for Vantaa following the merger of TiPS and Vantaan Jalkapalloseura men’s first teams with assistance from Koivukylän Palloseura, Pallokerho-50 and Itä-Vantaan Urheilijat clubs. TiPS finished top of the East Group of the Kakkonen (Second Division) in 1998 and their place in the Ykkönen (First Division) in 1999 was taken by the new AC Vantaa club.

TiPS started again in the Kutonen (Sixth Division) and by 2004 had progressed through the divisions back to the Kakkonen (Second Division), coincidentally at a higher level than AC Vantaa who at the same time had been relegated to the Kolmonen (Third Division). However their stay in third tier football was this time short-lived and over the last few years TiPS have been playing in the Nelonen (Fourth Division) and Kolmonen (Third Division) where they currently reside. However TiPS earned promotion back to Kakkonen for the 2011 season.

Tikkurilan Palloseura is one of Finland's largest football clubs, bringing together players and officials from different backgrounds. The club provides coaching and training programmes to ensure equal opportunities for everyone to participate, develop, practice and compete.

Children and young people are able to enjoy football in a familiar and safe environment where opportunities are provided for youngsters to fulfill their potential as well as assisting their social development.

Season to season[edit]

Season Level Division Section Administration Position Movements
1994 Tier 4 Kolmonen (Third Division) Section 2 Finnish FA (Suomen Pallolitto) 1st Promoted
1995 Tier 3 Kakkonen (Second Division) East Group Finnish FA (Suomen Pallolitto) 1st Promoted
1996 Tier 2 Ykkönen (First Division) South Group Finnish FA (Suomen Pallolitto) 4th
1997 Tier 2 Ykkönen (First Division) South Group Finnish FA (Suomen Pallolitto) 9th Relegation Group – Relegated
1998 Tier 3 Kakkonen (Second Division) South Group Finnish FA (Suomen Pallolitto) 1st Promoted
1999 Ykkönen (First Division) Place taken by AC Vantaa
2000 Tier 7 Kutonen (Sixth Division) Section 5 Uusimaa District (SPL Uusimaa) 2nd Promoted
2001 Tier 6 Vitonen (Fifth Division) Section 2 Uusimaa District (SPL Uusimaa) 1st Promoted
2002 Tier 4 Kolmonen (Third Division) Section 3 Helsinki & Uusimaa (SPL Uusimaa) 8th
2003 Tier 4 Kolmonen (Third Division) Section 2 Helsinki & Uusimaa (SPL Uusimaa) 1st Promoted
2004 Tier 3 Kakkonen (Second Division) South Group Finnish FA (Suomen Pallolitto) 13th Relegated
2005 Tier 4 Kolmonen (Third Division) Section 3 Helsinki & Uusimaa (SPL Helsinki) 2nd
2006 Tier 4 Kolmonen (Third Division) Section 2 Helsinki & Uusimaa (SPL Uusimaa) 6th Took place of TiPS M2 Reservi in 2007
2007 Tier 5 Nelonen (Fourth Division) Section 2 Uusimaa (SPL Uusimaa) 3rd
2008 Tier 5 Nelonen (Fourth Division) Section 2 Uusimaa (SPL Uusimaa) 5th
2009 Tier 5 Nelonen (Fourth Division) Section 2 Uusimaa (SPL Uusimaa) 1st Promoted
2010 Tier 4 Kolmonen (Third Division) Section 1 Helsinki & Uusimaa (SPL Uusimaa) 1st Promoted
2011 Tier 3 Kakkonen (Second Division) Group B Finnish FA (Suomen Pallolitto) 14th Relegated


The club runs a large number of teams including 2 men's teams, 2 ladies teams and a very wide range of boys and girls junior teams. TiPS organises diverse activities for its players including an Academy and Football Coaching Schools

2011 season[edit]

For the current season TiPS Ladies Team is competing in the Naisten Ykkönen.

TiPS Men's Team is competing in Group B (Lohko B) of the Kakkonen administered by the Finnish FA. This is the third highest tier in the Finnish football system. In 2010 TiPS was promoted from the Kolmonen.

TiPS M2 is participating in Section 2 (Lohko 2) of the Vitonen administered by the Uusimaa SPL. In 2009 TiPS AN were relegated from the Vitonen.

Current squad[edit]

As of 1 October 2011. Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Finland GK Jussi Hämäläinen
2 Finland DF Henri Nieminen
5 Nigeria MF Christopher Onyema Uchechi
6 Finland MF Aki Miettinen
7 Finland DF Mika Karpoff
8 Finland DF Juha Mäkelä
10 Finland MF Kim Kuusisto
11 Finland MF Petri Löyttyniemi
12 Finland GK Eemeli Lohvansuu
14 Finland DF Aki Tuovinen
15 Finland DF Ari Salonen
16 Finland DF Teemu Pyhämäki
No. Position Player
17 Finland MF Ymer Kaqamak
18 Finland DF Tomi Häihänen
19 Finland MF Toni Kneip
20 Finland DF Valtteri Lauri
21 Finland DF Kristian Konu
22 Nigeria FW Ifeanyichukwu Ezenwafor
23 Finland FW Nico Weckström
24 Finland FW Oskari Lehtonen
26 Finland FW Santeri Saarenpää
27 Finland DF Matti Suursalmi
28 Nigeria FW Phillip Nduka


Ladies Team[edit]


  • Finland Terhi Kulju 32
  • Finland Sarita Peltomaa 67
  • Finland Emilia Österberg 86


  • Finland Eveliina Makkonen 9
  • Finland Jannamari Nurmi 15
  • Finland Mira Kurtti 20
  • Finland Ida Salonen 24
  • Finland Jenna Korhonen 31

Midfield Players:

  • Finland Dali Meller 3
  • Finland Hanna Posa 4
  • Finland Daisy Währn 5
  • Finland Elina Sormunen 10
  • Finland Emmi Isotalo 17
  • Finland Daniela Lambin 21
  • Finland Taija Savolainen 22
  • Finland Krista Dahlberg 26


  • Finland Eveliina Parikka 8
  • Finland Sanna Ikonen 13
  • Finland Riikka Hannula 18
  • Finland Hanna Onufriew 19


References and sources[edit]


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