Tiksi Bay

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Tiksi Bay
Бухта Тикси
Tiksi Bay is located in Sakha Republic
Tiksi Bay
Tiksi Bay
Map showing the location of Tiksi Bay
Location Far North
Coordinates 71°39′N 129°8′E / 71.650°N 129.133°E / 71.650; 129.133Coordinates: 71°39′N 129°8′E / 71.650°N 129.133°E / 71.650; 129.133
River sources Sogo River, Yuryage River
Ocean/sea sources Laptev Sea
Basin countries Russia
Max. length 21 km (13 mi)
Max. width 17 km (11 mi)
Average depth 11 m (36 ft)
Settlements Tiksi

Tiksi Bay (Russian: Бухта Тикси, Bukhta Tiksi) is a bay of the Laptev Sea that cuts into the northern part of the Sakha Republic, Russia.


It is up to 21 km long, 17 km wide[1] and has a depth of 2 to 11 metres. The Sogo and Yuryage Rivers discharge into the bay.

The port of Tiksi lies on the west side.

Semidiurnal tides in the Kola Bay are about 0.3 metres. In winter the bay is clogged by ice.