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Til Wykes

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Hilary Margaret Wykes

United Kingdom
Spouse(s)Bryn Davies

Dame Hilary Margaret Wykes (born 1953) is an English academic, author and editor. She is Professor of Clinical Psychology and Rehabilitation at King's College London, Director of the NIHR Clinical Research Network: Mental Health, and President and Secretary of Schizophrenia International Research Society.[1][2][3] She is known for her work on Cognitive Remediation Therapy at King's College.[4][5]


Her research is focused on rehabilitation and recovery for people with severe mental illness for many years both in the development of services and the development and evaluation of innovative psychological treatments. Her main current research themes concentrate on how to improve thinking difficulties so people can take advantage of opportunities for recovery and how to increase therapeutic activities in acute mental health services.[1]

Other work[edit]

Wykes was the director of the National Institute for Health Research's Mental Health Research Network[6] until April 2015 when she became the National Specialty lead for Mental Health. She mainly carries out research on developing psychological treatments for schizophrenia. She founded and was the first director of the Service User Research Enterprise (SURE) which employs expert researchers who have experience of using mental health services.[7] Wykes continues to be co-director with Professor Diana Rose, a senior service-user researcher.[7] Since 2002, she has been the executive editor of the Journal of Mental Health.[8][9] Recently she became a member of the scientific advisory board of Psyberguide [10]


Wykes has received both the M.B. Shapiro Award[11] and the May Davidson Award.[12] The M.B. Shapiro Award is given to "a clinical psychologist who has achieved eminence in the profession" and the May Davidson award is given to "psychologist who has made an outstanding contribution to the development of clinical psychology within the first 10 years of their work". Wykes received the British Psychological Society's 2014 Award for Promoting Equality of Opportunity for "her part in championing the active role of mental health service users in research".[13] Til Wykes and Hussain Manawer won a Guinness World Record for the largest mental health lesson, given on 21 March 2017 to 538 students at the Hackney Empire.[14][15]

Selected papers[edit]

  • Wykes, Til; Reeder, Clare; et al. (2007). "Cognitive Remediation Therapy in Schizophrenia, Randomised Controlled Trial". British Journal of Psychiatry. 190: 421–27. doi:10.1192/bjp.bp.106.026575. PMID 17470957.
  • Wykes Til; Huddy V.; Cellard C.; McGurk S.R.; Czobor P. (2011). "A Meta-Analysis of Cognitive Remediation for Schizophrenia: Methodology and Effect Sizes". American Journal of Psychiatry. 168 (5): 472–85. doi:10.1176/appi.ajp.2010.10060855. PMID 21406461.

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