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Till is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Barry Till (born 1923), Anglican priest, author and academic
  • Benjamin Till (born 1974), English composer, director and film maker
  • Brian Till (born 1960), American racecar driver
  • Darrell Till (born 1975), English singer-songwriter, composer, and author
  • Emmett Till (1941–1955), African-American youth whose murder helped propel the American Civil Rights Movement onto the national stage
  • Eric Till (born 1929), British film and television director
  • Farrell Till (born 1933), American anti-Christian campaigner
  • James Till (born 1931), Canadian biophysicist
  • John Coates Till (1843-1910), Anglo-American marionettist, entertainer, and husband of Louisa Olive Middleton Till
  • John Till (born 1945), Canadian musician
  • John Christian Till (1762–1844), American composer
  • Louis Till (1922-1945), American soldier and father of Emmett Till
  • Louisa Till (1854-1913), Anglo-American marionettist, entertainer, and wife of John Coates Till
  • Lucas Till (born 1990), American actor
  • Mamie Till (1921–2003), mother of Emmett Till
  • Michael Till (born 1935), English clergyman, Dean of Winchester 1996–2005
  • Peter Till (born 1963), English former boxer
  • Peter Till (born 1985), English footballer
  • Philip Till, Canadian talk show host
  • Stewart Till (born 1951), British film executive
  • William Till (c.1697–1766), colonial-era American politician, jurist, and merchant