Tillandsia ionantha

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Tillandsia ionantha
Purple sky plant - Andrey Zharkikh.jpg
Scientific classification
T. ionantha
Binomial name
Tillandsia ionantha
  • Pityrophyllum gracile Beer
  • Tillandsia rubentifolia Poiss. & Menet

Tillandsia ionantha, the sky plant,[2] is a species in the genus Tillandsia. This species is native to Central America and Mexico. It is also reportedly naturalized in Broward County, Florida.[1][3][4][5]


They are acaulescent or sometimes shortly caulescent plants, with a size of 6-8 cm high. The leaves 4-9 cm long; with pods 0.6-1 cm wide, densely patent fabric; narrow triangular sheets, 0.3-0.4 cm wide, dense lepidoto indument, foliaceous bracts; compound inflorescence (of simple appearance due to the reduction of the spikes to 1 flower), with 1-3 flowers, primary foliaceous bracts, much longer than the spikes, floral bracts 3 cm long, longer than the sepals and covering them in the anthesis, ecarinated, inconspicuously nervate, glabrous, membranous, sessile flowers; sepals are 2 cm long, free, the posterior carinate, the anterior ecarinated; purple petals. Capsules are 2.5-4.5 cm long.[6]


Tillandsia ionantha was described by Jules Emile Planchon and published in Flore des Serres et des Jardins de l'Europe 10: 101, t. 1006. 1854-1855 [1855].[7]


  • Tillandsia: generic name that was named by Carlos Linneo in 1738 in honor of the Finnish doctor and botanistDr. Elias Tillandz (originally Tillander ) (1640-1693).[8]
  • ionantha: epithet Latin meaning "with violet flowers"[9]

Variety accepted

  • Tillandsia ionantha var. stricta Koide


  • Tillandsia ionantha f. fastigiata P.Koide
  • Tillandsia ionantha var. Max Ehlers
  • Tillandsia ionantha var. LBSmith scaposa
  • Tillandsia ionantha var. P.Koide stricta
  • Tillandsia ionantha var. van-hyningii MBFoster
  • Tillandsia ionantha var. zebrina BTFoster
  • Tillandsia rubentifolia Poisson & Menet
  • Tillandsia scopus Hook. F. 4


Two varieties are recognized:[1]

  1. Tillandsia ionantha var. ionantha - most of species range
  2. Tillandsia ionantha var. stricta Koide - Oaxaca


A plant in display
Flowering on a fence
Inflorescence closeup
On a display


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