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A tiller is a lever to provide leverage for the helmsman to turn the rudder of a ship. Tiller may also refer to:



  • Tiller, the stock of a crossbow
  • Tiller, the difference between the limb-string distances measured where the limbs are attached to the riser (Recurve bow)
  • Tiller, the device a bowyer (maker of bows) uses to see if the bending of the bow limbs is equal


  • Tiller (automobile), a steering device present on some very early automobiles before the steering wheel
  • Tiller (aircraft), a small steering wheel in the cockpit of an aircraft used to steer the nose wheel
  • Tiller truck, a fire truck with separate steering wheels for front and rear wheels
  • Rotary tiller, a garden implement used for turning soil (or the person who operates such a device)


  • Tiller, Norway, a former municipality that is now part of Trondheim municipality in Trøndelag county, Norway
  • Tiller, Oregon, an unincorporated community in Douglas County, Oregon in the United States
  • Tiller Ranger Station, a United States Forest Service compound in Oregon's Umpqua National Forest
  • Tiller Church, a church in the city of Trondheim in Trøndelag county, Norway
  • Tiller School, a non-profit charter school serving kindergarten through fifth grade in Beaufort, North Carolina
  • Tiller Upper Secondary School, a school in Trondheim municipality in Trøndelag county, Norway


  • Tiller (botany), a stem produced by grass plants, and refers to all shoots that grow after the initial parent shoot grows from a seed


  • Andrew Tiller (born 1989), American football guard for the New Orleans Saints of the National Football League (NFL)
  • Bill Tiller (born 1967), American computer game designer, writer, and artist
  • Bjørn Tiller (born 1959), Norwegian chess player
  • Bryson Tiller (born 1993), American singer, songwriter and rapper
  • Carl Frode Tiller (born 1970), Norwegian author, historian and musician
  • Chris Tiller (born 1978), former Major League Baseball umpire
  • David Tiller (born 1958), former Australian rules footballer in the South Australian National Football League
  • David Tiller (professor), Australian Professor of Medicine
  • George Tiller (1941–2009), murdered American abortion doctor
  • Gerald Tiller, a member of Dem Franchize Boyz rap group
  • Henry Tiller (1914–1999), Norwegian boxer who competed in the 1936 Summer Olympics
  • J. T. Tiller (born 1988), American professional basketball player
  • Joe Tiller (1942–2017), American football player and coach
  • John Tiller (1854–1925), musical theatre director
  • John Tiller (priest) (born 1938), Anglican priest and author
  • Kate Tiller, reader emerita in English local history at Kellogg College, University of Oxford
  • Kelvin Tiller (born 1990), American mixed martial artist
  • Morgan Tiller (1918–1983), American football player and coach
  • Nadja Tiller (born 1929), Austrian actress
  • Rasmus Tiller (born 1996), Norwegian cyclist
  • Robert Tiller (born 1949), Canadian Thoroughbred racehorse trainer
  • Sharon Tiller, American film maker who has numerous film and television credits as a writer, director, and producer
  • Stephen Tiller (born 1987), Australian rules footballer for the Western Bulldogs of the AFL
  • Terence Tiller (1916–1987), English poet and radio producer
  • Tony Tiller (born 1981), former American football cornerback
  • William A. Tiller, professor emeritus of materials science and engineering at Stanford University
  • Tiller Girls, a popular dance troupe of the 1890s in England



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