Tilo Prückner

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Tilo Prückner
Tilo-Prueckner 1968.jpg
During rehearsals for The Knack by Ann Jellicoe Theater Oberhausen 1968
Born (1940-10-26) 26 October 1940 (age 78)
Years active1967–present
Tilo Prückner in 2018

Tilo Prückner (born 26 October 1940 in Augsburg) is a German television and film actor. His career has spanned five decades and more than 100 films.

Early life[edit]

Tilo Prückner was born as the son of the paediatrician Alfred Prückner and his wife Dorothea née Krause in Augsburg. The family Prückner has a long reaching family tradition Hof. He first went to the St.Anna-Gymnasium in Augsburg and changed then to the school Melanchthon-Gymnasium in Nürnberg, where he passed his Abitur in 1960. He dropped his study of the laws to begin an actors education in Munich with Hans Josef Becher and Ellen Mahlke.


From 1962 till 1964 he was employed at the Schauburg (Munich), and afterwards worked at the Theater St. Gallen, from 1966 till 1968 at the Theater Oberhausen [1] and 1968/1969 at the Schauspielhaus Zürich.

From 1970 till 1973 he played at Berlin's Schaubühne, whose founding member he was. Since 1973 he worked as a freelance actor at the Bayerisches Staatsschauspiel in Munich.

After his participation in the TV-recordings of productions at the Schaubühne his work with directors of the New German Cinema increased. He specialised in portraying sick or handicapped people. In 1976 Prückner received the German Actors Award [de] for his role as the violinist Hännschen Wurlitzer in Bomber & Paganini [de].

In later years Prückner proofed his art of interpreting diverse characters in a great number of movie and TV productions. Especially his characterisation of eccentricity is famous. Tilo Prückner had a great success, when he played the hyprochondiac detective Gernot Schubert in the TV-series Adelheid und ihre Mörder for 6 years, together with Evelyn Hamann and Heinz Baumann. Since 2003 he is a regular guest in the TV- series Kommissarin Lucas as the landlord of the main character played by Ulrike Kriener.


In 2013 he published his first novel Willi Merkatz wird verlassen.

Selected filmography[edit]

Awards and nominations[edit]

  • 1976 - German Actors Award (Deutscher Darstellerpreis) - Won
  • 1980 - Reader Jury Award - Won


Willi Merkatz wird verlassen. Roman. Verbrecher Verlag, Berlin 2013. ISBN 978-3-943167-40-5


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