Tilomar Administrative Post

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Map of Tilomar Administrative post

Tilomar Administrative Post is a administrative post in Cova Lima District, East Timor.[1] Administration center is Casabauc.

The administrative post has an area of 194,64 km²[2] and 7,043 inhabitants (2010).[2] Most spoken language is Tetum Terik, but there is a big Bunak minority, too. Tilomar is divided into four sucos: Beiseuc, Casabauc, Lalawa, and Maudemo.

59 % of the households in Tilomar are producing corn, 58 % maniok, 53 % vegetables, 48 % coconuts, 15 % rice and 8 % coffee.


Coordinates: 9°20′00″S 125°7′00″E / 9.33333°S 125.11667°E / -9.33333; 125.11667