Tilslørte bondepiker

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Tilslørte bondepiker
Tilslørte bondepiker
Type Dessert
Place of origin Scandinavia
Main ingredients Mashed fruit (apples or plums), whipped cream, bread- or rusk crumbs
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Tilslørte bondepiker (Norwegian, ”Veiled peasant girls”, known in Sweden as Änglamat, ”Angel's food”) is a traditional Scandinavian dessert.

The dish is layered, with mashed apples (or other mashed fruits like plums) at the bottom, followed by a layer of whipped cream, a layer of toasted bread- or rusk crumbs, followed by another layer of whipped cream and usually a thin layer of crumbs on top.

It is typically served in transparent glass bowls or drinkware. Tilslørte bondepiker was popular before the introduction of ice cream.

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