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Tilt Brush
Developer(s) Google
Initial release ?
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Website www.tiltbrush.com

Tilt Brush is a room-scale 3D painting virtual reality application available from Google, originally developed by Skillman & Hackett.
The Preview Trailer from September 2014 (a 1'47″ video) provides an idea on what TiltBrush was & is.


Demonstration of Tilt Brush at Google Cloud Next 2017.

The application is designed for motion interfaces in virtual reality but also works with keyboard and mouse.[1] Users are presented with a virtual palette from which they can select from a variety of brush types and colors.[2] Movement of the handheld controller in 3D space creates brush strokes that follow in the virtual environment.[3] Users can export their creations as room-scale VR pieces or as animated GIF images.[4]


TiltBrush was developed by Skillman & Hackett, and was in 2014 nominated for four Proto Awards (namely: "Best Interaction Design", "Most Innovative", "Best Overall Virtual Reality Application", and "Best GUI"), of which it won the "Best GUI" award. [5] [6]
Google acquired TiltBrush in 2015, as announced 16.Apr.2015 [7].
TiltBrush was released for the HTC Vive at its launch on 5.Apr.2016, at no cost when pre-ordering the HTC Vive.[8][9]. On February 24, 2017, Tilt VR announced it is now available on both Oculus Rift and Vive.[10]


Ars Technica referred to Tilt Brush as the HTC Vive's killer app,[11] praising the program's intuitive interface and the excitement of painting in three dimensions.[12] Edward Baig of USA Today said that the program was the only one that excited him in the platform's launch lineup.[13] Chris Suellentrop of The New York Times wrote that the program was better suited for beginners than more engineering-oriented experiences like Fantastic Contraption.[14] In 2018, Tilt Brush was employed for the first time in mixed reality news reporting by the NBC News studio NBC Left Field.[15]

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